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Try Grilling Your Salad With This Romaine Recipe

Okay, this might not be the first thing that occurs to you to do to a head of romaine, but bear with me. Grilling the romaine leaves gives your salad a delicious richness you wouldn’t expect. Be careful with them on the grill though! The leaves wilt and char quickly. Top with feta, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, and a balsamic vinaigrette, and you have a perfect smoky grilled salad.

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Geranium Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

So you think you know Geranium? Sure, it is a gorgeous flower, but the history and amazing properties of this plant will astound you. Known as a perennial shrub popular in gardens for its beautiful pinky-white blooms, Geranium has a sweet-smelling floral scent that likens it to that of rose, making it extremely popular in the perfume industry. Though over 200 different types of Geranium exist, only a select few are used for essential oils. dōTERRA uses a whole-plant steam distillation method for extraction, and it takes A LOT of Geranium plants to produce a small amount of essential oil.

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Clove Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

I love a good whiff of Clove to make it feel like autumn to me, especially when it is combined in a diffuser with Cinnamon Bark, Cassia, and some Wild Orange. But Clove isn’t just for a fabulous fall scent or adding decoration to hams anymore! Harvested from the unopened buds of the evergreen tree, Clove offers a spicy-warm woodsy scent that works well in everything from a musky cologne to a fresh pumpkin pie. dōTERRA steam distills the buds from Madagascar to preserve this earthy essential oil.

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