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Top 5 Gut Fixes to Improve Your Mood

As the weather chills down, that feeling of anticipation creeps in as the holiday season approaches.  While many of us miss the earthy autumn feel for stressing over the months to come, I urge you to take a pause this fall and make your house a home with fresh autumn scents.  Even better, you can do this with the oranges and deep reds of the season minus the toxic chemicals that dance on our TV screens and magazine pages promising the wonders of pumpkin spice in your home.

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Fennel Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

When I think of Fennel, the first thing that comes to my mind is the taste of black licorice, and the little mints and seeds that are given for a breath freshener at my favorite Indian restaurant.While renown for being a wonderful addition to recipes, Fennel essential oil is also prized for its ability to internally supporthealthy digestion andrespiratory health.Something I especially love about Fennel is its major natural sweetness factor! Just one drop mixed in with water or your favorite green juice is a wonderful way to battle those sugar and sweets cravings that often hit.While its scent can be unpopular to those who don’t care for the black licorice aroma, its benefits are unparalleled and have been so for thousands of years.

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#11: The Top 5 Benefits of Aromatherapy with Dr. Mariza

Today on the Essentially You Podcast we are focusing on the top 5 benefits of aromatherapy. This episode is such a treat, as essential oils can give you so many benefits that you probably never even knew about! In this episode, we will discuss how essential oils can help your occasional sleeplessness, irritability, emotional well-being, and so much more.

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Essentially You Podcast 010: Environmental Chemicals & Hormones: What Every Woman Needs To Know with Lara Adler

#10: Environmental Chemicals & Hormones: What Every Woman Needs To Know with Lara Adler

Most of us are aware of at least some the toxins in our daily lives, but do you know the chronic illnesses that are associated with them? These toxins are in the things we eat, drink, touch, and they’re slowly killing us. Today’s guest drops some important knowledge on how these toxins get into our bodies, what they’re doing to us, and most importantly, how we can eliminate them.

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