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#68: How to Transition Into Menopause With Ease and Grace with Dr. Anna Cabeca

After being diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, or early menopause, at age 38, Dr. Anna Cabeca decided that she was going to fight back, and set off on a trip around the world seeking answers and philosophies. She took what she learned and integrated it into her own life as well as her gynecology patients, resulting in a miracle baby at 42 and the ability to help women overcome their hormonal struggles and transition into menopause with grace and ease.

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#67: Getting To Hell Yes with Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower

Often issues that arise during communication are preventable issues that are linked towards our expectations in our relationships. Alex and Bob have created a four-step solution to framing your conversations in a way that result in a ‘hell yes’ for both parties. Co-authors and co-parents, Alex and Bob have brought their simple communication structure to the masses with their new book and are hoping to inspire everyone to get the most out of their everyday conversations.

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#66: How to Release Anxiety and Build Confidence with Dr. Joan Rosenburg

Gaining confidence and mastering your anxiety is an issue that is rapidly increasing in our ever pressuring modern society. Dr. Joan Rosenburg, Ph.D., psychologist, corporate consultant, and creator of emotional mastery training, recognized the need to help people move through unpleasant emotions and heal their emotional wounds in order to cultivate lasting confidence. Dr. Rosenburg’s practices are based off a foundation of resilience and authenticity, and she has created a step by step guide to help you manage your difficult feelings and live your most confident life.

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#65: The Food Revolution Movement with Ocean Robbins

A lifetime of eating the standard American diet left Ocean Robbin’s family in multiple health crisis’s. Through a change in diet and lifestyle, they saw the incredible role that food plays in our overall wellbeing. Now Ocean is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the huge impact that what we eat has on our health and our lives, and how you can start to make a change today.

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