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#77: One Year Anniversary Celebration + Top 10 Essentially You Episodes

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • How and why I chose to create the Essentially You Podcast
  • Learn how to get smarter, faster and happier at what you do in life while succeeding
  • Dispelling the myths surrounding essential oils, hormones, and your body chemistry
  • How to love your liver the right way while shedding the extra pounds
  • A look at the amazing line-up coming up in the second year of Essentially You

Episode Summary:

Can you believe today is the Official One Year Anniversary of the Essentially You Podcast? It has been an honor to speak with so many brilliant educators on the past seventy-six episodes, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to continue to bring you knowledge from some of the best experts in the field so that you can feel empowered to make decisions about your own health.

On this special anniversary episode, I am looking back on my Top 10 Favorite Episodes from the past year, and giving you a sneak peek into which episodes could be right for you. I am digging into the details on which episodes you should be listening to if you are interested in resetting your metabolism and supporting your liver, are looking for hormone support through the use of essential oils, want to learn how to move through your emotions in 90 seconds or less, plus so much more.

Join me as we review everything that you need to know in order to understand why your hormones are sabotaging you and how to get them back on track. By using natural tools such as food, movement, supplementation, essential oils and self-care, you can reset your hormones and start truly living in your own body again.

I am dedicated to helping guide you on your natural healing path, and the Essentially You Podcast is the ultimate resource to help you reclaim your balance and own your own journey.

Did your favorite episode make the Top 10? Let me know in the comments below!


“[The Essentially You Podcast] has been the most incredible experience, the most wonderful project, and I love doing it every single week. This is the ultimate labor of love.” (4:44)

“We know that when we can get our hormones back on track, we can make profound changes in a lot of the symptoms that we are dealing with.” (10:27)

“I don’t know about you, but it really does feel like our year, and the year to make powerful changes.” (13:06)

“I want you to feel like you are empowered with the right tools and the right educators to help you overcome those moments.” (21:20)

Resources Mentioned:

Top 5 Women’s Hormone Blends Cheat Sheet

EY 050: Why Loving Your Liver and Thyroid is Key to Hormonal Balance

EY 046: Reset Your Hormones To Lose Weight and Banish Fatigue

EY 061: Resetting Your Metabolism with Dr. Alan Christianson

EY 052: The #1 Precursor to Hormone Chaos and How to Get Your Body Back on Track

EY 072: Overcoming Brain Fog Instantly with Essential Oils

EY 033: The Truth About Hormones and Essential Oils

EY 044: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Your Thyroid with Dr. Becky Campbell

EY 051: How to Have More Energy to Do The Things You Love with Dave Asprey

EY 066: How to Release Anxiety and Build Confidence with Dr. Joan Rosenburg

EY 042: What Happens to Your Hormones in Your Forties and How Progesterone Can Help with Lara Briden

The Essential Oil Hormone Solution by Dr. Mariza

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#76: How To Eat For Hashimoto’s and Understanding Food Pharmacology with Izabella Wentz

A Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosis can feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders. Both today’s guest, Dr. Izabella Wentz, myself, and 35 million other American’s know what it is like to face this condition head-on. Luckily there are people like Dr. Izabella, who has taken her background in pharmacology and dedicated herself to the understanding the powerful role nutrition can play in healing and even reversing your Hashimoto’s symptoms.

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#75: How To Tap Into The Healing Power of Nature with Dr. Maya Shetreat


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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Understanding the major role food plays in brain development and function
  • Breaking down the overwhelming science behind plant medicine and healing
  • How to develop a healing relationship with plants to receive massive health benefits
  • Emotional and spiritual ways that you can connect with plants and nature
  • Viewing nature as a symbiotic relationship to encourage mutual gratitude

Episode Summary:

While living in a big city can be great, it can sometimes feel like you are trapped in a concrete jungle, with no access to the beautiful healing power of mother nature. Dr. Maya Shetreat is passionate about tapping into the healing power of nature and helping her clients create a natural oasis in the heart of an urban city.


Dr. Maya is a neurologist, herbalist and urban farmer who harnesses the power of natural medicine through nutrition, herbs, essential oils and getting back to nature. An advocate for terrain medicine, earth-based programs and transformational healing, Dr. Maya’s work has taken her all the way to the Indigenous tribes of Ecuador in her search for ultimate healing.


By exposing yourself to germs and microbes, eating fresh food from healthy soil and getting out into nature, Dr. Maya believes you can heal your body far beyond the possibility of what most doctors even think about. Learn why sanitary environments aren’t always a good thing, the scientific benefits of being surrounded by nature, and why you shouldn’t feel silly for hugging a tree.


If you are curious about how we can leverage the healing power of plants on a day to day basis to get emotional, spiritual and overall health benefits, Dr. Maya is your woman. She is explaining all of the varying degrees of plant healing and how you can incorporate the lessons she has learned throughout her research to help yourself get back to nature and on the road to healing.


Have you experienced any of the physical and mental benefits Dr. Maya describes resulting from connecting with nature? Share your story in the comments below! 


“I kind of came back to my love and connection for nature and kind of applied it, and allowed myself to apply it, in all of its glory.” (11:05)


“We have thought for so long that being clean and not dirty is the best way to live, and it turns out that getting out into nature has such powerful health benefits, and getting dirty actually and being exposed to all those germs and microbes is critically important for our health on many levels.” (14:43)


“It’s really this profound number of things that really if you looked, no medication or drug could do all of those things. But nature does that for us.” (21:53)


“Essential oils are just another way that we interact in this very very deep way with plants.” (26:48)

Resources Mentioned:

Get Dr. Maya’s Earth Healing Bundle Here


The Dirt Cure by Dr. Maya Shetreat


The Terrain Institute


Dr. Maya Shetreat’s Website


Follow Dr. Maya Shetreat on Instagram | Facebook

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#73: How Creating An Environment To Thrive Could Be the Missing Link with Maggie Berghoff

If you are living in an environment where you do not feel set up to thrive, it could be the missing link to helping you feel your best. Maggie Bergoff is a functional medicine practitioner and certified nurse practitioner who believes in the power of environment to not only help you get well but stay well. After both Maggie and her mother were able to heal themselves of their respective diseases through natural remedies, Maggie realized the untapped potential of the functional model and has dedicated years of her life to find answers about what is happening inside of our bodies.

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