590: Optimizing Metabolic Health for Women and Identifying Metabolic Obstacles with Dr. Lara Briden

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You may be struggling with metabolic dysfunction but don’t even know it. 

Subtle symptoms of metabolic dysfunction can present as everyday frustrations… but they grow into some big chronic issues if they’re not addressed. 

Low energy. Brain fog. Menstrual cycle irregularities. 

Cravings, crazy mood swings, consistent hunger throughout the day… 

Any of these sound familiar to you? 

If so, don’t worry– metabolic dysfunction can be reversible (and quickly!) with the right tools in place. 

Naturopathic Doctor Lara Briden joins the show again to help you make a few changes ASAP so you can improve your symptoms in just a few weeks– and they may even help change your weight on the scale!

Her science-based recommendations are here to help you move toward a healthier and happier future. Check out the podcast here so you don’t miss a tip on overcoming metabolic obstacles and becoming the best version of YOU!

Dr. Lara Briden

Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor and bestselling author of the books Period Repair Manual, Hormone Repair Manual, and Metabolism Repair for Women. She lives in New Zealand where she currently works with women to help them manage and overcome PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, perimenopause, and many other hormone- and period-related health concerns.


  1. How hormones impact women’s metabolic health
  2. The dangers of having metabolism dysfunction
  3. Insulin resistance and managing hypoglycemia 
  4. Why are women more affected by metabolic dysfunction? 
  5. Insulin resistance and metabolic dysfunction as a society-wide problem
  6. Addressing “metabolic obstacles” and how to overcome them
  7. Circadian alignment for optimal metabolism 
  8. Research-backed recommendations for managing and preventing metabolic dysfunction 
  9. About Dr. Lara’s newest book, Metabolism Repair for Women 


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