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    About The Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils

    The Smart Mom Guide to Essential Oils offers over 100 of the most practical essential oil recipes for tackling every mom's daily needs, for your families and also yourselves.

    The primary concern for you, as a mother, is making sure your family is in good health and your home is a safe environment, a more difficult task than ever in an increasingly toxic world. Using the carefully crafted recipes and healing practices in this book, smart moms everywhere can take advantage of the incredible power of essential oils to overcome this vital dilemma.

    Packed with hundreds of practical, holistic solutions, this complete guide to essential oils covers the most fundamental applications, from creating non-toxic homemade cleaners to relieving common joint and muscle fatigue. Included are recipes for everyday emergencies and on-the-go solutions, while other recipes aim to enhance individual mood, hormones, sleep, and weight.

    The book also includes special blends for women’s health. With detailed information on the benefits of every type of oil, tips for safe practice, and a comprehensive list of resources, The Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils is an indispensable reference for women looking to get the most from their oils.

    See What Others Have to Say...

    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    “For any mom ready to empower herself with effective, natural solutions”

    "Dr. Mariza’s premise is simple: Use essential oils to support your family’s overall wellbeing. This book provides recipes to create a non toxic home along with recipes for mood support and self care rituals. This book was created for any mom ready to empower herself with effective, natural solutions."

    JJ Virgin
    New York Times Bestselling Author of The Virgin Diet and The Sugar Impact Diet

    “Perfect for every mom looking to implement a non-toxic lifestyle”

    "Dr. Mariza provides everything you need to feel confident using essential oils for the whole family. She shows you how to use oils safely and effectively with recipes that are easy to follow. I love her chapters on self-care rituals and mood support! This book is the perfect solution for every mom looking to implement a non-toxic lifestyle ."

    Dr. Izabella Wentz
    New York Times Bestselling Author of Hashimoto's: The Root Cause
    John Doe UI/UX Designer
    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    “Effective recipes for overall well-being, green cleaning, personal care, and hormone support”

    "In this practical essential oil guide, Dr. Mariza Snyder teaches you basics about essential oils and how to be a smart mom by using effective recipes for overall wellbeing, green cleaning, personal care and hormone support. This is a must read for every mom looking for powerful, natural solutions."

    Dr. Jolene Brighten, ND
    Best-selling author of Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth: The New Mom's Guide to Navigating the Fourth Trimester

    “Dr. Mariza Snyder explains the powerful benefits of essential oils and how to use them in this incredible book”

    "Dr. Mariza Snyder explains the powerful benefits of essential oils and how to use them in this incredible book. She addresses how to use essential oils in every facet of home, from cleaning recipes to personal care recipes and much more. This book will empower families with non toxic natural solutions."

    Kevin Gianni
    Best-selling author of Kale and Coffee: A Renegade’s Guide to Health, Happiness and Longevity and Co-Founder of Annmarie Skin Care
    John Doe UI/UX Designer
    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    “Dr. Snyder does a wonderful job guiding moms through all of the essential oil basics.”

    “There is great scientific data supporting the benefits of essential oils for improved cognition, relaxation, and even supporting a healthy immune system. Dr. Snyder does a wonderful job in her book guiding moms through all of the essential oil basics for themselves and their families.”

    Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD
    Best-selling author of The Dirt Cure
    Dr. Mariza Snyder
    Author of The Smart Mom's Guide to Essential OIls

    About the Author

    Dr. Mariza Snyder is a passionate wellness practitioner and public speaker with over 8 years of experience focusing on women's hormone and menopause health. Dr. Mariza leads a community of women who educate about nutrition, detox programs, self-care rituals and essential oils. She graduated Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West in 2008. She has a background in biochemistry and certifications in nutrition and aromatherapy.

    Dr. Mariza became passionate about women’s health after her own health crisis. Through essential oils, whole foods and self-care practices she was able to heal her adrenal dysregulation, fatigue and chronic migraines related to hormone imbalance.

    Currently, Dr. Mariza serves as an educator and expert on essential oils and women's health. She's the creator of the Women’s Balance Summit and author of five best-selling nutrition books: The DASH Diet Cookbook, which was featured on Dr. Oz, The Low Glycemic Index Slow Cooker, The Antioxidant Counter, The Water Infusion Detox Book and The Matcha Miracle.

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