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Hey There, Beautiful!

I’m Dr. Mariza [mah-REE-suh] – educator, Amazon best-selling author, wife, and Wellness Advocate. I am passionate about helping you to become more empowered with simple healthy habits that YOU can do TODAY! Here on this site is where I get to learn more about you, share insights, and empower women and their families to feel and live the best life through plant-based, whole-food nutrition, essential oils, easy-to-follow habits, and mood-boosting remedies. I am thrilled to be on this wellness journey with you!

My story in a nutshell…

Eleven years ago, I was chronically sick, feeling wired and tired, and experiencing a sensation of constant overwhelming from the combination of both work and going to graduate school to become a practitioner. I never seemed to have enough energy to get through the day. I was juggling too many responsibilities and suffering from some major consequences. One day, I looked up and didn’t recognize the tired stranger in the mirror. I didn’t feel like myself anymore.

Like many women I know, I was being held captive by crazy unbalanced hormones and overwhelmed with life. I come from a lineage of hormone imbalance and grew up watching my mom suffer from mood swings, lack of energy, and sleepless nights. During my mid-twenties, I was chronically tired, 35-pounds overweight, constantly cranky, and oftentimes feeling super unsexy. I felt like I had lost control of my body while doing all of the things that I thought were “right” for me at the time. Caffeine became the key to surviving each day.

I realized that I needed to change my lifestyle if I wanted to feel like my old self again. I started with simple changes. I began eating more plants and cooking at home. Leafy green vegetables became a staple in my diet. Green smoothies provided a simple daily habit that produced the necessary energy to start my day without caffeine. Then, I focused on yoga, dance, and fun exercises that I enjoyed. My stress level decreased and my energy increased, the excess weight started to melt off, and I began to feel like myself again. Over time, I explored more healthy habits: positive journaling, hiking on nice days, and using essentials oils and whole food supplements to keep me and my family healthy.

I reclaimed my life and my body! On my journey, I learned that 80% of what we do on a daily basis dictates the life that we live later. I want that life to be rich, healthy, and filled with amazing experiences. In my 10 years educating on healthy lifestyle habits, I have helped thousands of women to lose weight, sleep better, lower cortisol levels, and reclaim their lost energy. I have seen women transformed both emotionally and physically…and get the body that they have always longed for.

I’m here to help you live a beautiful, healthy, and abundant life.

To date, I’ve written 6 books, the most recent being about one of my absolute favorite subjects – essential oils! (Click here for a chance to get 15 digital bonuses with the Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils.) Maybe one of my books will be the perfect fit for YOU! [Let’s take a book tour…]

My goal is to help you to become a healer in your own home through self-directed plant-based nutrition and medicine. My recommendations do not come in a prescription bottle. My solutions range from recipes to detoxes, from essential oils and supplements to lifestyle habits that you can engage in very easily without disrupting your busy life.

I am an avid lover of essential oils. I found them to be incredibly effective in helping with everyday mood-boosting, restful sleep, digestive support, and cleansing, just to name a few. Read about out how essential oils were the missing link for me in enhancing my well-being!

My other great passion is helping women to create a life that they love to live! I have an incredible opportunity for all of you to work with me and to become a Wellness Advocate on this incredible wellness journey. Join me and my amazing team to create a grass-roots movement in communities throughout the United States to share the message of simple, daily health habits. Learn more about how you can become a healer in your home and teach others to do it, too!

The biggest transformation that I experienced was with the application of plant-based nutrition and pure therapeutic essential oils. If you would love to learn more, you can find out how essential oils can bridge the gap in your wellness journey here.

Let’s connect! I’d love to hear about your journey.

The best places to say hi and connect with me are in the comments section of my blog or on Facebook. I also love reaching out on Instagram. It’s my favorite place to document the latest and greatest health finds.

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