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Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Health?

Imagine if you were able to take care of your entire family in your own home, with natural solutions that worked effectively.

Imagine if you had sustainable energy throughout the day, without the need for sugar or caffeine.

Imagine how empowering it would be if you were prepared for life's little emergencies.

With essential oils, YOU can!


After years of struggling due to high levels of stress (adrenaline was my drug of choice), I made some major changes to my lifestyle including healthy plant-based eating, green smoothies, yoga and exercise.  I focused on daily habits that helped to lower stress and supported my immune system.  I became very aware of behaviors that would throw my body off balance and adjust my lifestyle to get back on track.

I mastered the ability to control my own health destiny and it felt amazing to share these simple habits with others ready to reclaim their health too. 

In my pursuit of healthy living, I began incorporating more incredible tools to enhance my well-being. Detoxing, juicing, gratitude journaling and beautiful hikes in the redwoods were added to my regimen over time. These habits have nourished my body and soul.

On my quest to create natural solutions in the home and introduce non-toxic products, I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils 3 years ago by an incredible friend and mentor that I trusted. She successfully used doTERRA’s essential oils to help support her family’s health. Almost immediately, we began using essential oils with incredible success.  doTERRA oils revolutionized our way of managing health with powerful natural constituents.

I now use doTERRA’s essential oils as a part of my daily lifestyle and educate people across the country on how to become healers too. It’s a must have for everyone’s home, especially because natural solutions are the first step to getting a healthy, happy body.

Supporting a healthy body with essential oils has never been easier. I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t feel at home in your own body, especially when you feel like you have tried everything. Along with plant-based, whole foods, essential oils create balance with the many systems in the body. They work quickly to support healthy cellular function and also help to create balance in mood, energy and restful sleep. It has been incredible to see so many families benefit from daily usage of the essential oils. Essential oils are amazing at cleansing the body, supporting stress and mood, and assisting the body to stay healthy all year long.


I ONLY recommend tools and products to my patients and their families that I personally use and love. As a biochemist, prior to becoming a practitioner, I can’t help but thoroughly research everything that I prescribe. I researched doTERRA for three months before I made the decision to use this specific brand. doTERRA’s Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils set the standard for the purest, highest grade essential oil on the market. They test each and every batch of oils… not just once, but with 7 different purification processes.  And they test for purification even after bottling, and over time to ensure constant quality.

  • doTERRA follows strict and sustainable co-impact growing processes.
  • They source their oils from the plant’s indigenous environment around the world.
  • The oils are beyond organic, they are Certified Therapeutic Grade with no fillers, artificial ingredients, or contaminants of any kind.

Now that you have learned a little bit about my journey and why I recommend using doTERRA’s oils, let’s learn how to get these amazing oils into your hands.


You can buy doTERRA oils retail from me, but why pay higher prices?


I recommend EVERYONE start by purchasing a doTERRA wholesale starter kit.  That’s how we started! These kits are the biggest bang for your buck! And, by doing this, you become a wholesale member with all the benefits. As a wholesale member you get WHOLESALE PRICING on all future orders! That’s 25% off the retail price.

These starter kits contain all the most popular oils plus the wholesale membership fee ($35) is WAIVED!

As a wholesale doTERRA member you DO NOT have to sell the oils and you DO NOT need a monthly minimum! It’s like having a Costco wholesale account. But unlike Costco, when you join our amazing Terra Tribe, you will also receive all kinds of other goodies, gifts, education and a community of like-minded friends to cheer you on along your essential oil journey. We share recipes, protocols and best of all… we become your support system!

Here’s what you receive when you join with our Terra Tribe team:

  • A “starter kit” of your choice of  based you and your family’s needs
  • A Costco membership with 25%, or more off on all your orders
  • 100% shipping reimbursement on your first order, and 50-100% on future orders
  • Free Health Consultation by a Terra Tribe Wellness Advocate that will tailor essential oils for your needs
  • Access to the optional Loyalty Reward Program (You don’t want to miss out!).
  • 24/7 team support in our exclusive private Facebook community
  • Team resources, online education, workshops and recipes to help you become a healer in your own home.
  • Bonus gifts:  My Favorite Essential Oil Bible (with specific starter kits), Essential Oil Live Guide and eBooks with essential oil recipes.
  • Your very own website to share with curious friends and family (FREE!)
  • Optional support from our Terra Tribe to teach you how to earn free product, create a supplemental income, or turn essential oils into your full-time gig. (Yes, it’s absolutely possible, let’s show you how!)
  • No obligation to buy or sell in the future

Let’s get you started with the right WHOLESALE kit that fits you and your family’s needs.  It’s time to start filling your home with doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils!


If you’re interested in creating extra income that aligns with your passion about health, community, and holistic lifestyle, then I have a perfect opportunity for you! I am looking for passionate, dedicated, wellness warriors to invest my time, energy and resources into.

How it works in a nut shell: I simply teach you how to get a wholesale membership like me, earn free essential oils every month and support you on the path to making a great income in a purpose-filled business you’ll fall in love with. When you join our Terra Tribe, you get to connect with other like minded wellness warriors, while helping communities create a healthy and abundant life!


Start the conversation today by filling out this simple form to book a call with me and see if becoming a wellness warrior is a good fit for you.

If you choose to book a call with me, we’ll go over your questions and goals, and I’ll help you create the path that’s perfect for your vision. Fill out the form and let’s get you started! Or if you’re excited to get started RIGHT NOW, you can sign up for a WHOLESALE DOTERRA MEMBERSHIP online right now.

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