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Summer Flavor FI

Spice Up Your Summer Recipes With These Essential Oils

Getting tired of your same old flavors, but itching to try something new? I know that if I want to prevent monotony and burnout, I need variety and pizzazz in my life! I have once heard it said that each day we ought to have something to look forward to. One way to help your daily cooking routine become more of a joy is by spicing them up with essential oils! Essential oils are beneficial because they are much more potent and flavorful than their herbal counterparts and have a longer shelf life. But before we delve into some tantalizingly spicy and citrusy essential oil recipes, it’s important to understand how to safely and effectively integrate essential oils into your cooking.

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Oil Up Your Garden Feature Image

Essential Oil Uses For Your Garden

Spring calls for all sorts of new beginnings in our lives, but none more prominent than the renewal of nature all around us. Look high and you see birds busily building their nests while down low sprouts burst out from the ground craving sunlight. While we prepare our bodies for the seasonal changes, many gardeners prep their green world for the growing season. And while organic and natural growing methods seem to be the preference, many of us have not even considered essential oils as a part of our gardening regimen. So, sit back and let the sun shine in while we take a tour through an essential-oil enhanced garden!

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