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Eucalyptus Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Though many people associate Eucalyptus with koala bears, the amazing properties of these leaves when steam distilled into an essential oil will astound you. Prized for its ability to open airways and support respiratory health, Eucalyptus has found a home in many products specifically noted for the lungs. In addition to respiration, it also provides a powerful feeling of relaxation aromatically and can be used in massages or rubs for a double effect of both skin-tingling delight and aromatic release. It is no wonder that Eucalyptus is considered to be a staple oil in any oil collection. (Just be sure to use caution if you have kids under the age of 6 in our house, as the camphor component of Eucalptus could slow breathing in younger children. As always, it is best to discuss its use with your trusted healthcare provider before using it on anyone with a medical condition or children under the age of 6.)

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My New Podcast, Essentially You, Just Launched!

Welcome to Essentially You! All about reinventing your health with safe effective natural solutions and powerful lifestyle changes. My goal is to provide you with natural remedies, protocols, and solutions so you can make a decision about your health. We are a community of women navigating decisions about health and wellbeing, and I want to help you become the CEO of your own health care.

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Essentially You Podcast 003: The Unexpected Solution to Radical Self Healing with Dr. Mariza - #3

#3: The Unexpected Solution to Radical Self Healing with Dr. Mariza

In this episode, I want to teach you about Rushing Woman’s Syndrome. Coming from a place of experience, I can tell you that Rushing Woman’s syndrome is something that a lot of women deal with. It can cause stress, exhaustion, mood issues, headaches, pain, weight imbalance and a sense of urgency in your everyday life.

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