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#547: What You Need to Know About the OPill and Hormone Changes in Perimenopause with Dr. Carrie Jones

Although your body’s changing a lot– even in menopause– there are adjustments you can easily make to reduce the symptoms you’re dealing with. And that first step is assessing how well your metabolism is functioning– and then taking proactive steps to improve it. 

Learn more about all of this today in my empowering discussion with Dr. Jones– so you can take charge of your hormones and metabolism to live the life you deserve.

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#545: How to Reverse Your Biological Age with Simple Lifestyle Habits And The Most Important Factors In Reversing Your Inner Age with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Ready to take action towards a healthier, happier life? We know age is just a number. But as each birthday passes, it’s easy to start feeling the physical and mental changes in our bodies. 

That’s why I’m here today with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald. So you can have the tools to reverse your biological age and feel like your best.

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#544: Losing 16 lbs, Healing Stress, PMS and Feeling Amazing as a New Mom (Bruna Beckerman’s Metabolism Success Story)

We’re doing things differently with today’s podcast… and I can’t wait to share why. I’ve been joined by the inspiring Bruna Beckerman– who’s had so much success since joining my Metabolism and Hormone Reset Course. And she’s here to walk you through her incredible journey to boosting her metabolism, losing over 16 pounds, and feeling great in her body again. 

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#543: What I Am Doing to Overcome Post Concussion Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue and Low Thyroid Function and a Big Update About the Podcast

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In This Episode:

After I hit my head on the beach in early June, I went into a downward spiral of debilitating symptoms that I initially attributed to hormonal imbalances. 

But it kept getting worse until eventually, my brain started shutting down and I had to check myself into the ER.

Little did I know, I was suffering from a condition called post concussion syndrome and it was literally making everything impossible (I even had to postpone several podcast episodes and stop working).  

Catch this week’s podcast for a MAJOR health update–and learn: 

  1. What happened and why it’s such a HUGE a wake-up call 
  2. Which brain protocol I’m using and how it could help you, too
  3. The best supplements, therapies, and diets for your brain 
  4. How my hormones factored in and what to know about yours
  5. Details about my NEW podcast format 
  6. And more!

Mentioned in This Episode

F-R-E-E MasterclassHow to Overcome Estrogen Dominance at Any Age

Neuro+ Support My powerhouse formula for boosting brainpower and preventing age-related cognitive decline

Progest-Restore The easiest natural way to boost progesterone levels FAST.

Magnesium RestoreMy best-kept secret to staying young, smart, strong, healthy, and energized.  

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Ready to take charge of your own health?

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