#80: Going Beyond Gluten-Free: How Your Diet Can Make or Break Your Hormone Health with Dr. Peter Osborne

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • How gluten could be impacting your gut, hormones and causing brain fog
  • Recognizing the difference between real food and ‘frankenfood’
  • Reasons you shouldn’t rely on antibody tests to know if you are gluten sensitive
  • Understanding the role cortisol plays in your blood sugar and ability to build muscle
  • Why what you are eating could be causing leaky gut and causing hormone chaos

Episode Summary:

Dr. Peter Osborne was astounded when he realized the connection food, and particularly gluten could have on your hormone health, stress and overall body functioning. His mission is to share this message and help others radically shift their diets in a way that is the right direction and unique for them. Today Dr. Osborne is here to explain how your diet could be making or breaking your hormone health and help those who are suffering feel empowered to make food work for you.

If you feel as though you are doing everything right and still don’t feel 100%, an autoimmune condition or a nutrient deficiency could be to blame. Dr. Osborne is sharing how to look at your patterns and get out of the vicious muscle wasting cycle, what foods to eat and which foods to avoid depending on your condition, and how to make your environment a hospital place to thrive. Dr. Osborne is all about reducing inflammation, testing instead of guessing, and looking at diet and other lifestyle and behavior strategies you should be paying attention to improve your relationship with your body.

It is time to break free from autoimmune pain and fully understand how certain foods in our environment our impacting our health so that you can feel better and enjoy eating again. Recognizing what food can do for you can strengthen your willpower and help you improve your diet to make your hormones happy.

How does Dr. Osborne’s approach to diet, lifestyle, and gluten relate to your personal dietary mindset? Let us know in the comments below.


“Our system works in such a crazy way that most people believe that you drug the symptoms into remission and you continue to have the same behaviors that allow the disease to exist in the first place” (10:16)

“I knew that we weren’t going to convince the other doctors to make a change, so we had to let the consumers know, we had to let the patients know, that we could empower them to make changes and save their own lives.” (11:38)

“How important is food? It is the number one factor that you have power over that you can control and change on a daily basis.” (19:12)

“If you can recognize the importance of food as being something that can make or break the way you feel, then you learn the lesson.” (36:28)

Resources Mentioned:

Gluten Free Society Website

Dr. Peter Osborne Website

Origins Healthcare Website

No Grain No Pain by Dr. Peter Osborne

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One Response to #80: Going Beyond Gluten-Free: How Your Diet Can Make or Break Your Hormone Health with Dr. Peter Osborne

  1. Joanne April 10, 2019 at 11:48 am #

    Everybody with a chronic health condition should listen to this podcast. I personally have Hypothyroidism & Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. This info helps you understand what’s going on inside our bodies….a big motivator for me to do the right thing because I appreciate WHY I’m doing it. Dr Peter Osborne’s explanation of so many things like the affects of gluten & cortisol on our system is completely different to what I’ve heard previously – a real game changer for me. It’s not just oh gluten is bad for you it causes leaking gut but you get an explanation of what’s actually going on inside your body & all the problems it causes. I’ll be sharing this with lots of people I know! Take the time to listen to it. It’s so worth the effort!

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