Bergamot Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Can we take a minute to ponder the amazing power of Bergamot essential oil? Most people have never even heard of Bergamot before, but let me tell you, they need to know! A small green citrus fruit, Bergamot is a cross between a lemon and a sour orange with a distinctive aroma. Like other citrus oils, it is cold-pressed from its peel to extract the essential oil, though the pulp itself is almost inedible. The uniqueness of the essential oil is that it not only has the usual uplifting aromatic quality that we associate with most citrus oils, but it also has a dramatic calming effect as well, making it a double threat to anything trying to ruin our moods! doTERRA partners specifically with optimum growers in Italy to source this amazing citrusy-spicy scent.


Bergamot tree The Bergamot tree is native to Southeast Asia, but has found a home in Italy where it is used in both skin care and food. Indigenous to the Bergamo region of Calabria, Italy, the Bergamot trees are harvested twice a year for optimum quality by growers who learned the trade from their fathers and grandfathers. doTERRA sources their Bergamot from this specific region to ensure the utmost quality in their essential oils. The growers are amazed at how far harvesting has progressed, because just over 100 years ago, it would take 50 men a whole season to harvest by hand what the machinery now does in one day. Because it is a trade passed down from father to son, the growers with which doTERRA sources its Bergamot take great care and pride in their product, so you can be sure you are getting some extra Italian love with each bottle of essential oil!

Bergamot calm


The calming effect of Bergamot not only applies to its effect on mood, but also to its ability to promote relaxation due to the limonene component in its chemical make-up. Studies have proven that when used in massage therapy or even aromatically, Bergamot promotes relaxation and helps to alleviate sad and anxious feelings. In addition, it can be used in skin care to purify, cleanse, and soothe with the added benefit of calming via its aroma. But before you run and drop some Bergamot in your homemade facial scrub, be aware of its phototoxicity.


Although Bergamot has a number of outstanding qualities and uses, it is also the most phototoxic of citrus oils. Phototoxicity means that the substance itself can cause burns on your skin if exposed to sunlight (think of applying lemon juice to lighten your hair) . After application of Bergamot, be sure to avoid direct sunlight for at least 12-24 hours, or your skin will definitely suffer. Best to massage this power oil into your feet for a relaxing pre-bedtime routine if you spend time in the sun during the day.

Bergamot oil DIFFUSING

Diffusing Bergamot helps you to quickly harness its awesome aroma, a mixture of spicy citrus with a high floral note. Trying out different combinations of oils when diffusing is a fun way to see what effect they have for you personally. I recommend keeping track of your recipes in a notebook and rating them with notes about your mood or state. Mix it with Patchouli, Lavender, Arborvitae, or other Citrus Oils for an ultimate calming combo. If you enjoy floral aromas, try it with Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and/or Geranium for an ultimate calming combo. Need a pick-me- up? Combine Bergamot with Peppermint for a wake-up combo sure to keep you alert!


In addition to its emotional balancing and skin soothing, Bergamot has also been used to tame tummy troubles. In fact, it is the key ingredient in Earl Grey tea – you can change regular black tea into a soothing Earl Grey by adding a drop of Bergamot. It helps to soothe digestive discomfort, though over-consumption of Earl Grey can cause problems, so take it easy. You can also add a drop of Bergamot to your everyday water for an uplifting aroma throughout the day. As always, be sure to only ingest high-quality dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. DōTERRA puts each oil through seven strict quality standard tests to ensure that you are getting the best essential oil on the market today. For an extra kick, try making infused water with raspberries and a drop of Bergamot!

Bergamot massage MASSAGE MAGIC

When used with massage techniques, Bergamot again has double-duty action that helps to not only calm your body and mind, but also soothe your skin. Combining it with Fractionated Coconut Oil can make an amazing massage oil and dilutes the Bergamot down so that is safer when exposed to sunlight. It is especially helpful for women during that special time of the month when we may be experiencing heightened stress levels with muscle cramping or tension.


Even putting a few drops of Bergamot in your body wash can create an invigorating shower experience while allowing its purifying skin benefits to take action. Try this recipe for DIY Body Wash:

Bergamot Body Wash

  • 8 oz. glass pump bottle or jar
  • ½ c. unscented Castile soap
  • 2 Tbsp. vegetable glycerin (for a nice lather)
  • 2 Tbsp. doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 5 drops Bergamot essential oil (can combine with other Citrus oils as well)
  • 5 drops Lavender, Geranium, or Roman Chamomile (relaxing)
  • 5 drops Peppermint or Eucalyptus (uplifting)

Simply combine all ingredients into the bottle, add the essential oils, shake and you’re done! Be sure to shake each time you use it to avoid separation of ingredients

Though not well-known, Bergamot is an amazing oil to add to your repertoire for both emotional and physical well-being. If you would like more information on how you can get your own Bergamot, let’s talk!

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