Fourth Of July Recipes For Body And Belly

How will you plan on celebrating this Fourth of July with a BANG? Whether you plan on hosting or being a guest this Fourth of July, I would like to inspire you to integrate these easy essential oil recipes into your festivities! Friends and family will not only be oooohhing and ahhhhhhing the fireworks, but they will be ooooohhhing and ahhhhing the aroma of your home and over these fun and tasty treats!

With a little effortless planning, using essential oils keeps spirits up during the holidays and makes them healthy, peaceful, and reenergizing for everyone.Make your Fourth of July celebration a stage for your essential oil creativity. Why not amaze your crowd and show them that essential oils can be used for any and every occasion? These lovely DIY recipes will make this holiday simple and relaxing for you and to all who enter your home (and even your pets too!).


Helichrysum and Lavender essential oils are a wonderful pair because they work together to help the body by promoting an uplifted mood and a peaceful state of mind. A girlfriend of mine uses a Lavender essential oil sugar scrub for her children at bath time and she loves the calming feeling it gives them in the evening. If you’re a mom of little ones, you’re probably also thinking of what a long day it will be for the kids since they will be up until late waiting for the fireworks to begin. Why not plop your little ones in the bath for a fun way to pass the time while you’re waiting for the fireworks to begin? You can even give them a little foot massage with this sugar scrub. They will love it! Another idea for this body scrub is placing it in your guest bathroom (with a little scooper) for guests to use as a fun and festive way to soften up their hands. What a treat for tired guests or cranky children!


¼ cup freeze-dried strawberries or raspberries
¼ cup freeze-dried blueberries
1 cup white sugar
¾ cup fractionated coconut oil
3 drops Helichrysum essential oil
3 drops Lavender essential oil


Place freeze-dried strawberries and blueberries in separate large plastic bags, and crush with a rolling pin. In three separate bowls, add ¼ cup sugar, ¼ cup sugar, and ½ cup sugar. In bowls with ¼ cup sugar, add crushed freeze-dried strawberries to one and crushed freeze-dried blueberries to the other. In each bowl, add ¼ cup of either fractionated Coconut oil, 2 drops both Helichrysum and Lavender essential oils, then stir until combined. If mixture looks too dry, add more FCO, or too wet, add more sugar. In an airtight container, layer the sugar scrub by first adding the blue, then double white, then the red for a festive pattern.  To use, take a handful of scrub into hands and rub together until sugar dissolves. Rinse under warm water and pat dry.

SENSORY OVERLOAD BLEND (for People and Pets!)

Fireworks are not fun for everyone, especially those sensitive to loud noises like small children and pets! This essential oil blend is extremely soothing to the senses in both animals and humans alike. Frankincenseand Wild Orange essential oils work synergistically to help bring about a natural mood boost, mental clarity, and calmness. Pamper your guests, children, pets, and yourself with the aroma therapeutic benefits of Sensory Overload Blend!

Simply add 2 drops of Frankincense essential oil and 2 drops of Wild Orange essential oil to your diffuser, and enjoy!


If you’re a mom, you know that planning healthy snacks for the holidays is a must in order to prevent the family from loading up on too much sugar, to keep moods stable, and to prevent the discomfort and digestive issues that holidays oftentimes bring. I love this unique and satisfying recipe that is deliciously spiked with my go-to EO – Wild Orange! Not only does the Wild Orange give these pretzels a citrusy kick, but it also promotes digestive health. You will not feel like you’re missing out on the junk food with this protein-packed snack. This recipe is sure to fill you up while your taste buds will be joining in on the party as well!

Wild Orange Pretzel, Fruit & Cheese Flag


2 pints of blackberries, washed
2 pints raspberries, washed
2 pounds strawberries, washed
1 bag cherries, washed& pitted
1 lb. Monterey Jack Cheese, cut into cubes (or your favorite cheese(s)!)
24 oz. pretzels
2 cups powdered sugar
4 cups plain Greek yogurt
3 cups vanilla protein powder
4-7 drops Wild Orange essential oil


Preheat the oven to 250 degrees F. Combine the sugar, yogurt, protein powder, and Wild Orange Essential Oil. Dip the pretzels into the yogurt mixture one at a time, using chopsticks or tongs. Arrange the coated pretzels on a wire cooking rack with a baking sheet underneath it (you may want to cover the baking sheet with aluminum foil for easy clean-up). Turn the oven off and put in the wire rack and baking sheet. Leave the oven door slightly ajar. After several hours, when the coating is hardened and set, take the pretzels out of the oven.

To assemble the flag, place the blackberries in a small square dish on the upper left-hand corner of the serve-ware you wish to use (a rectangular cutting board would work great!) Fill the space to the right with strawberries, then do a stripe of Wild Orange yogurt pretzels underneath, followed by a row of cheese cubes. Do a stripe of raspberries, another stripe of Wild Orange yogurt pretzels, followed by another row of cheese cubes and top it off with a row of cherries on the bottom. Tip: make sure you buy and prepare enough ingredients ahead of time to ensure you can replenish the rows of fruit, pretzels and cheese as they run out! They will go quick!


Sometimes, although we have the best of intentions, we overeat during the holidays when guests bring platters of heavy desserts and greasy appetizers. Be prepared for this reality with a temporary digestive upset relief blend.  It is also a great one to carry with you in your purse! Ginger, peppermint, and fennel essential oils work wonderfully together as a digestive aid and to promote speedy relief to upset stomachs or for any other digestive issue.


For 1 to 5 years old (2% dilution)

2 drops Ginger essential oil
2 drops Fennel essential oil
Carrier oil of your choice

For 6 to 11 years old (5% dilution)
4 drops Ginger essential oil
4 drops Fennel essential oil
Carrier oil of your choice

For 12 to 17 years old (10% dilution)
8 drops Ginger essential oil
8 drops Fennel essential oil
Carrier oil of your choice

For 18 years and up
8 drops Ginger essential oil
8 drops Fennel essential oil
4 drops Peppermint essential oil
Carrier oil of choice (I prefer Fractionated Coconut Oil)


Add essential oils to a 10-mL rollerball bottle. Top off blend with carrier oil of your choice. Apply rollerball blend directly on the belly or around the belly button to ease temporary digestive upset.

Note: This recipe is not recommended for children under the age of 12 due to the potency of the essential oils. To learn more about carrier oils and safe dilution ratios for children please refer to Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils.

How fun is it that you get to design and plan how to make this Fourth of July a beautiful day? Let your inner artist shine and make each day beautiful by using essential oils!Essential oils are a natural way to help you maintain emotional balance even on the busiest of days. By simply integrating essential oils into your Fourth of July festivities, you can be sure that you are nourishing your mind and body and you will be an inspiration to others. Make the most of these precious moments with your loved ones by enjoying these essential oil DIY recipes!

And just in case you haven’t read it yet, head over to the Smart Mom’s Essential Oil Guide for Spring/Summer to check out recipes for all-natural sunscreen, “bug off” spray, tickly nose rollerball blends, and on-the-go oils.

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