Navigating Perimenopause: Signs, Symptoms, and Natural Remedies

Navigating Perimenopause: Symptoms & Natural Remedies

One of the most overlooked areas of women’s health is the not-so-subtle transition to menopause—known as perimenopause. It can be one hell of a roller coaster ride, but knowing how to take care of your body during this crucial time can make or break how you feel for the rest of your life.  

And I don’t know about you, but every woman I know in their late 30s to early 50s is doing big things. 

We are ALL juggling countless plates in the air… and then some

With chaos constantly in our lives, it’s essential to remember to do things to optimize our own health.  Self-care can make a MASSIVE difference and I’ll get to that a bit more shortly. 

This is a big transition, and it deserves your FULL attention.  

In this article, I share a little bit of everything you need to know about perimenopause—including a brief introduction, key signs and symptoms, and natural remedies you can start using today! 


Put simply, it’s the period of our lives leading up to menopause when things start to haywire. You probably already know what I mean without me even having to say any more! 

That’s because our society tells us we need to do everything for everyone perfectly. The stress this causes isn’t just psychological — it takes a toll on your body and hormones. It can contribute to perimenopause symptoms starting earlier and earlier because of the hormone chaos the stress is driving in your body.

Women come to me all the time wondering, “Does this thing I’m dealing with mean I’m in perimenopause?”

And it’s a hard question to answer because perimenopause hits so differently for everybody.

Here are some things that we know about perimenopause…

  • It can hit between the ages of 35-50 (approximately).
  • It lasts anywhere between a few months and 10+ years.
  • Sex hormones start to decline and other vital hormones (like insulin and cortisol) are easily deregulated, leading to many uncomfortable symptoms.
  • It will end. When menopause comes, the hormone flux you’re dealing with will settle down and you’ll find your new vibrant, healthy normal.

Perimenopause can be a hellish transition for lots of women. But by understanding what’s driving your symptoms and how to take back charge of your hormones, you CAN continue living with energy, ease, and grace through perimenopause!

While it hits differently for everybody, here are a few of the biggest indicators that you may be going through perimenopause (and tips for achieving a healthy body and balanced hormones, naturally):


For most women, perimenopause– especially the last 3-5 years leading up to menopause– is the most challenging because of symptoms, like:

  • Unexplained weight gain / stubborn belly fat
  • Extreme fatigue, cravings, and energy crashes
  • Endless sleepless nights
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Intense period pain, bleeding changes, and PMS symptoms 
  • Vaginal dryness 
  • Migraines and joint pain 
  • Anxiety, mood swings, and depression 
  • Brain fog and memory issues 

Symptoms like these can hit you all at once – and it can feel so discouraging when it seems like there are no viable solutions to addressing these issues. 

But I’m here to tell you that there are ways to get to the root causes of these symptoms. There are simple pivots you can make to help you best navigate perimenopause and set yourself up for success. 

As I’m speaking to you now and approaching my mid-forties, I know how critical it is to dial into my daily habits and make moves to improve my energy, metabolism, strength, endurance, and brain function! 

So now that we know what can go on through this changing time of our lives, let’s discuss some natural remedies to help us best navigate perimenopause

It’s time to live as our healthiest and most energized selves again!  


1. Pay Attention to When You’re Eating 

Adopt reverse fasting– or early time-restricted eating. 

The newest research suggests that your smallest meal of the day should be dinner. 

The goal is to eat when the sun comes up and finish eating when the sun goes down. Eating in line with our circadian rhythm is so much better for: 

  • Weight management 
  • Improved sleep 
  • Healthier blood sugar levels 
  • And more…

Check out this podcast for more details on the importance of eating with your circadian rhythm. 

So this reverse fasting, or early time-restricted eating is a bit different from the traditional type of intermittent fasting. Reverse fasting recommends starting your fast earlier in the day– around 5 or 6 pm. Then you fast for about 12-15 hours until your morning meal. 

Here’s how you can get started with reverse fasting as a perimenopause remedy: 

Push your dinner up to 5:30 to 6 pm, then plan breakfast around 7 am the next day. 

The benefits of early eating are endless. But here are some of my favorites– 

  • Fights inflammation
  • Enhances heart health 
  • Promotes weight loss 
  • Prevents chronic conditions 
  • Controls our blood sugar 
  • Enhances sustainable energy

Make sure your last meal of the day is high in protein and low in sugar and refined carbs. Getting sufficient protein is so important for overall health. Plus, getting enough protein at dinner will keep you full longer and set you up for a successful 12+ hour fast. 

Speaking of protein, let’s dive into the next perimenopause remedy to implement to improve your health– a protein-packed diet. 

2. Eat Enough Protein

Eat between 25-35 grams of quality protein at each meal.

When doing your weekly meal prep, make sure to recognize the importance of protein in each meal! Women should consume 0.75 to 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. 

For instance, if you weigh 130 pounds, your lean body mass is around 100 lbs, so I’d recommend between 85 to 100 grams of protein each day. That’s about 25-35 grams of protein per meal. 

Protein-rich foods– like meat, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts, and seeds– increase your metabolism in just a few hours. 

Most women are NOT getting enough protein in their diet. We especially see this in women in their 40s and beyond. So as a remedy for navigating perimenopause, implementing more protein in your diet will help enhance muscle mass and optimize metabolic function.

3. Get Out and Walk 

Walk 7k to 10k steps per day – ideally 15-20 minutes after your biggest meals. 

But quite frankly, the best time is anytime. Walking in the morning boosts your circadian rhythm. Walking after meals helps maintain stable blood sugar. And walking in the evening promotes relaxation and increases metabolic flexibility. 

Get a step tracker! Like an Apple watch or Fitbit. This will help you stay on track and hold you accountable for your steps! I love my Fitbit Inspire — it gets the job done. 

And let me tell you, I hit my 10k steps. Even if it’s 9 pm and I still have 1,000 steps to go, I’ll make it happen. To naturally navigate perimenopause, walking is a great remedy to enhance your health. At this stage– and any stage– of your life! 

4. Be Consistent With Your Supplements 

Consistently take daily supplements to optimize your health and support your body. 

The non-negotiable supplements that I take every day are

  • Magnesium 
  • B Vitamins 
  • Omegas 
  • Vitamin D
  • Adaptogens 
  • Digestive Enzymes 
  • Probiotics
  • Liver detoxification blends 

I carry many of these supplements with the highest quality ingredients. Because honestly, it’s not worth it to play with the quality of supplements. My supplements are made for women and are made with top-quality ingredients to promote your health. 

Some of my most popular supplements are Adrenal Love, Hormone Balance, and Magnesium Restore.

Through navigating perimenopause, our body can go through energy shifts. So supporting it with a supplement like my Adrenal Love which is packed with vitamins and adaptogenic herbs can make a world of difference for your energy and metabolism at this stage in life! 

5. Promote Muscle Strength 

Lift heavy weights to increase strength and muscle mass. 

It’s time to dispel the myth that lifting heavy weights is going to bulk us up– it’s not true!

Heavy lifting– meaning lifting at a weight where 6 reps is your max– can help with more than just our muscles. It can boost our metabolic flexibility and get rid of stubborn belly fat. 

Whether we like it or not, women lose 20% of their strength by the time they’re in menopause. Unless we work to maintain that strength, we’ll continue to lose it. 

Not only is muscle important for energy, strength, and endurance, but it’s also necessary for stabilizing blood sugar, promoting heart health, and optimizing our metabolism. 

As a physically challenging perimenopause remedy, don’t forget that I’m here with you every step of the way! My commitment this year is to lift heavier weights. 

It’s going to take time, but with the proven benefits of keeping our muscles strong, the earlier we start the better. I want you to join me in enhancing your muscle strength, even if it’s just by introducing a few exercises each week. 

6. Know Your Worth!

Know you’re a powerful, relevant rock star, at any age! 

Perimenopause is a time to step into who you are going to become. Almost 50% of our lives are spent in perimenopause and beyond… so are you going to view this time negatively? Or are you going to become who and what you want? 

So much that you’re going to accomplish in life is still yet to come. And this may end up being the absolute best part of your life. 

You’re going to keep learning, keep thriving, keep connecting and keep creating. 

There’s no stopping you! So own your power and support your body in becoming the best version of yourself. 

The Bottom Line

Now that I’ve given you natural remedies to navigate perimenopause, I want to remind you that these tips are here to help you live your best life. I want you to feel great in your body and do all the things you love as you continue to age with life. 

And if you’re experiencing symptoms that are holding you back, it’s important to identify if hormones are the cause of how you’re feeling. Check out my Hormone Quiz to get more clarity on any hormone imbalance outside of any normal shifts that may be occurring in perimenopause. 

We show up for ourselves and the things we love the best when we’re feeling healthy and energized. When we focus on our health as a priority, healing miracles happen.

Just start by implementing these recommendations– like eating an earlier dinner, increasing protein, and lifting weights. Plus, don’t forget to incorporate beneficial supplements into your daily routine. My favorite for boosting metabolism, increasing resilience, and giving me all-day energy is the Adrenal Love supplement. 

With these remedies, I feel like I have the capacity to live my mission without compromise. 
So now I can’t wait for you to feel the same! Try out these natural remedies to navigate perimenopause with ease. So you can feel your best for yourself– and for the world.

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