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Mexican Summer Salad (feature)

Beat The Heat With This Refreshing Mexican Salad

From my co-author of The DASH Diet Cookbook cookbook, Chef Anna Zulaica: “Growing up, my mother used to make this salad for my sisters and me as a side dish to many traditional Mexican dishes. It is simple, easy to make, nutritious, and versatile.”

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Asian Quinoa Salad feature

Asian Quinoa Lunch Salad Recipe

A tasty treat like this Asian Quinoa Salad is great to cook in bulk, separate into single serving containers, and store in your fridge if you want a light, healthy snack throughout the week. This salad is one of those salads that’s so good for you that it’s totally cool to sneak in more than one serving per day. You get a substantial serving of protein from both the quinoa and the edamame, and feel free to sneak in some extra veggies in the form of snap peas or cabbage to keep your vitamin and mineral intake up. You could even toss in some slivered nuts for extra goodness. The nice thing about a recipe like this is that it’s so simple that you can customize it to your own palette. Play around!

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Farmer's Market in Venice

5 Tips on How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

My husband, Alex, and I just came back from a three week honeymoon trip to Italy! The land of pasta, bread, cheese, wine and gelato! We had an incredible time as we explored Venice, Rome, Florence and Chique Terre.  Before we arrived to Italy, we did some research and prepared ourselves for healthy eating during our trip.  The one thing that I knew about italian cooking is that it’s fresh and simple, which is very important in terms of healthy eating.  It’s not surprising that Italians are very healthy because they use real food in their recipes and these recipes are passed on for many generations. I realize that not everyone is heading to Italy for the summer, so here are some tips for travel anywhere you go this year.  Enjoy!

#1: Eat Veggies.  Eat Fresh.  Eat Seasonally.

Not only are some of the healthiest meals going to be based around veggies (not always easy to find while traveling), and the freshest ones at that, but not surprisingly, the best meals are going to come from fresh ingredients, particularly vegetables grown locally and in season.  Look for restaurants and markets that provide what is in season.  This is a great opportunity to try produce you may not get at home, but might be a new and delicious experience that is very much worth trying.  Forget the familiar, and embrace what is fresh and tasty!

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