#104: What Exercise and Nutrition Advice is Best For Your Hormones with Sarah Fragoso & Dr. Brooke Kalanick

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Understanding how your hormones impact your immune system and inflammation 
  • Ways to implement a stress reduction plan without it becoming stressful 
  • Why you should stop blaming yourself for your past programs not working 
  • How a histamine intolerance could be sabotaging you without you knowing it
  • Signs that your cortisol, thyroid or insulin may be off balance and how to fix them

Episode Summary

Answer honestly: when was the last time you felt hangry? You know the intense anger that can take over your mind and body until you sustain yourself with something to eat? This could be caused by a trio of hormones known as cortisol, insulin and thyroid hormones. While they aren’t the sexiest hormones out there, they can be game changers when getting to the bottom of the root causes of your symptoms.

Sarah Fragoso and Dr. Brooke Kalanick combined their backgrounds in strength and wellness coaching and naturopathic and functional medicine to write the new book Hangry. Through the book, they set up pillars of mindset and healthy habits to provide you a sustainable guide to your hormones that you can refer back to for the rest of your life.

Every woman has a unique hormonal system, which is why Sarah and Dr. Brooke created a fully customizable plan that addresses everything from mindset to strength training protocols. Learn how to walk the line of your delicate hormonal imbalances, where to start looking for answers within your own body, and specific signs that your hormones may be off balance. 

Sarah and Dr. Brooke believe in silencing the mass amounts of information that is available to help you narrow in on what is going to work for you. By harnessing radical acceptance and self-respect, you can find power in your ability to make choices that support your hormones.

Are you ready to stop being hangry and start being happy instead? Share what you learned today in the comments below.


“I really just wanted to focus on women like me, who had had their hormones go crazy, and feel like their body is betraying them and their hormones hate them, and giving them more tools to solve those problems.” (10:56) – Dr. Brooke

“Figure out from there, from a place of radical acceptance and respect for yourself and love for where you are right now, to help turn your health around without being ashamed or beating yourself up over where you may have landed.” (16:04) – Sarah

“Any woman out there confused about your supplements or feeling worse, just get a little help. Because there is a lot of help to be had there in the supplement world which can be really powerful medicines when we use them right.” (24:30) – Dr. Brooke

“Women’s hormones are changing all the time. They are different every day, they are certainly different week to week and they are very different decade to decade. And that is a really amazing thing that happens to us, and there are times when it feels really frustrating.” (30:03) – Sarah

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