#339: The Number One Solution for Food Sensitivities and Gut Discomfort with Steven Wright

If You Want to Improve Your Food Sensitivities and Gut Discomfort, You Should:

  1. Believe in the reality that you do not have to constantly live in pain
  2. Learn about how your body, mind, and consciousness are connected
  3. Use result-oriented solutions, like digestive enzymes, that can bring you results quickly

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Episode Summary

Hormones and gut health aren’t often discussed in the same sentence, but the truth is that your hormone issues could very well stem from an imbalance in your gut microbiome. Digestive enzymes can not only help heal your symptoms; they can implement the fundamentals of gut health that we all need to function properly.

Why You Should Love Digestive Enzymes as Much as They Love You

Steven Wright knows about the struggles of gut health first hand. After spending almost half a million dollars overcoming his own health challenges, he decided to take matters into his own hands and graduated from the Kalish Functional Medicine Institute. Since then, he has founded healthygut.com, a service dedicated to helping people alleviate their symptoms through the transformative power of digestive enzymes.

The Importance of Loving Your Microbiome

What you eat every day is shaping your microbiome without you even realizing it. Your microbiome can only flourish if it is provided the necessary tools for it to grow. Digestive enzymes work within a capsule to ensure that you don’t have to rely on the food you ate that day in order to uplevel your digestive functioning. 

If you are able to take full advantage of what you are consuming, your cells will have a better ability to break down the foods you are eating and alleviate the symptoms that are causing your challenges.

The Fundamentals Are What Matters

If you are struggling with not being able to eat what you want or live life the way that makes you comfortable due to your symptoms, your microbiome could be the catalyst. By understanding the daily support that your gut needs in order to function optimally, you can get back to the fundamentals of gut health. 

Your enzymes control basically everything that is happening in your body, so why not support them in the best way possible in order to improve your overall daily health? If you are struggling with symptoms that you just can’t get to the bottom of, digestive enzymes could be your path to easing your discomfort.

Are you ready to give your microbiome some love through digestive enzymes? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!


“The bottom of the pyramid of health, is food.” (12:18)

“All of the things that are like our signatures of beauty, are actually signatures of health. We get really good beauty signals when we have really good health.” (17:02)

“With every bite, we are creating a microbiome. With every exercise, we are shaping our microbiome every day.” (19:34)

“Like in the engineering world, I want to think about, how can we just keep getting this better and better and better? And that is sort of the wholezyme difference.” (30:14)

“A very common theme that we get is, ‘I almost gave up, trying to solve my gut issues, and then I gave you guys one last try, and I am so glad that I did.’. That is a very common theme.  (32:34)

In This Episode

  • Why taking digestive enzymes is so important to your overall health and wellbeing (14:32)
  • Signs and symptoms that your body does not have all of the digestive enzymes it needs (16:19)
  • Recommendations for when and how often to take your digestive enzymes in order to see results (18:07)
  • How digestive enzymes could help you if you are sick of being dismissed by doctors (26:06)
  • Top tips and positive responses from consumers who actively integrate digestive enzymes into their routine (32:02)

Resources Mentioned

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2 Responses to #339: The Number One Solution for Food Sensitivities and Gut Discomfort with Steven Wright

  1. Sharon February 2, 2023 at 7:33 am #

    Hi! I’m listening to this podcast right now and I’m wondering what kind of digestive enzymes you’d recommend? Thanks!

    • Mariza February 6, 2023 at 12:18 pm #

      Hi Sharon! Digestive Enzymes are awesome. Unfortunately I don’t have one to specifically recommend at this time. Stay tuned 🙂

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