#43 Why Relationships Impact Our Hormones with Razi Berry

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Recognizing the connection between healing and self-love
  • Why our physiology and our consciousness are inseparable
  • How disassociating from nature could be causing disease
  • Listening to your body and tuning into your intuition
  • What you can do to connect the dots between your food and intuition

Episode Summary:

Like many of us, Razi Berry has overcome some great illness in her life, and because of that journey has been inspired to create a powerful movement to help women get to the root cause of their health concerns. Specifically, Razi uses her unique perspective to focus in on relationships and how they are impacting the ways in which your hormones and cells communicate.

With an impressive resume to back her up, Razi’s passion lies around getting to the root cause of everything and anything when it comes to your health and wellness. By focusing on your relationship to yourself, other people and the world around you, you can find better ways to connect to who you truly are.

In addition to finding your self-worth and listening to your body, Razi believes in the ultimate healing power of being connected to nature. When you spend time immersed in the natural world, it is processed in every cell in your body and sends signals throughout your brain and heart to coordinate health. This can increase your body’s natural intuition and ability to heal.

Through connecting to the earth, you are reconnecting the neural pathways to become more aware in your environment, and your own body. Our relationships and emotions play such a big role in our health and wellbeing. It is important to cue into your intuition and listen to your gut instincts to find true self-understanding. How do you feel about Razi’s approach to relationships and hormone connection? Let us know your thoughts below!



“Your body is constantly giving you these messages of how to love her and how to take care of her. And when we’re in our head all the time, we aren’t listening to these body’s signals.” (11:17)

“This is all just like a beautiful symphony of energy fields. But then it has a real impact on the physical and mechanical properties inside of our cells and our organs.” (20:03)

“The body is just not going to give up on you. The body is going to continue to try, your body loves you, shes designed to take care of you and she’s not going to stop laying down that inflammation, she’s not going to stop calling in those troops until it’s just, done.” (23:28)

“One of the most important things to do is really start paying attention to your sense of smell, start there. Get rid of anything in your environment that masks that.” (32:36)

“When you eat and move through life in a way that honors this interoceptive and intuitive ability, its strengthens those neural pathways.” (35:26)


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