#79: Understanding Auto-immune Disease and How To Calm Inflammation in the Body with Dr. Guillermo Ruiz

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • How simply breathing and eating creates oxidated stress and increased inflammation
  • Why waking up in the middle of the night could be a sign of adrenal stress
  • Thinking of immunoglobulins like the keys to how your body is functioning
  • Ways to recover your sleep and help reverse an autoimmune disease faster
  • Understanding what you should eliminate in order to lose weight and feel better

Episode Summary:

Autoimmune diseases are on the rise, with more than 23 million Americans currently impacted. While great in many ways, modern medicine does not always have the tools or capability to help heal chronic illnesses. Luckily there are doctors like Dr. Guillermo Ruiz who focus on finding the root causes of autoimmune diseases so that you can calm your inflammation and stop your immune system from attacking you. Dr. Guillermo has seen where naturopathic medicine, an evolutionary and anti-inflammatory diet, and the power of sleep and stress can take you with the right tools in hand, and shares those tools with us today.

You may be following the wrong lead with your labs, feel something is wrong despite your doctor assuring you everything is fine, or have already been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Either way, Dr. Guillermo provides insight into what is actually happening inside your body and helps empower you to be your own advocate and live a healthy life.

Learn how to systematically eliminate the factors that are creating your autoimmune response and ways to modulate your immune system to be less aggressive and ultimately reverse the autoimmune disease. Plus, discover how to properly connect the dots between your diet, lifestyle choices, and the way you are feeling.

By breaking down the umbrella of autoimmune diseases and gaining an understanding of how you can get your body working for you, you can create a life that doesn’t involve a handful of pills every day. Dr. Guillermo provides manageable and easy solutions to help your insides heal and get you back to living life again.

Have you tried natural remedies to reduce or reverse your autoimmune disease? Share your story in the comments below.


“A lot of people have an autoimmune disease or have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, but no one has stopped and said okay, this is what this means.” (10:07)

“When people talk about or criticize this complimentary or functional medicine, they will say ‘oh so quitting gluten is going to solve your arthritis or gonna solve your Hashimoto’s or you name it’, and the answer is yes!” (19:35)

“There is no cheating in eating. You can cheat on your spouse, you can cheat on homework, but you don’t cheat with food.” (32:16)

“If all else fails, at least you are establishing that environment of health that is going to fertilize the ground for you to grow and be healthy in the future when we figure out what is wrong with you.” (44:41)

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