#83: How to Conquer Super Woman Syndrome with Dr. Taz Bhatia

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  • Ways that you can begin to address and fight the Super Woman Syndrome epidemic
  • How the choices you are making in life are impacted by your chemistry and vice versa
  • Understanding how mitochondrial DNA can be passed down through generations
  • Things that many women miss frequently or dismiss that could be a much bigger deal
  • The small and large medical implications that can come from running on an empty tank


Do you sometimes feel out of whack, out of focus, exhausted, unable to lose weight or struggle with head and neck tension? These are just a few of the indicators that you could be pushing yourself further than your body can take, or experiencing Super Woman Syndrome. Dr. Taz Bhatia coined this term after experiencing the biochemical and emotional effects of constantly being in a rush and the negative health implications of survival mode. Now a superwoman in her own right, Dr. Taz is committed to empowering other women to own their superpowers as well.

To be a superwoman without Super Woman Syndrome, you need to be able to manage your energy, gain self-awareness and balance the stressors in your life to provide time for yourself. It is our responsibility to own and chase after our health because if we don’t, we will crash and usually take the whole ship down with us. Dr. Taz is determined to empower you to identify the blocks that are being put in your way, understand when you are misaligned, and use the tools she provides in this episode to heal your body and mind.

Don’t cover your health issues by working twice as hard or drinking twice as much coffee, instead let Dr. Taz help you pull together the pieces of your health to find the core essentials that are right for you. It is time to stop running on an energy deficit and restore your mental and physical energy while preventing disease and aging.

Are you ready to conquer Super Woman Syndrome for good? Share what steps you are taking to put yourself first in the comments below!


“It takes some really strong ‘a-ha’ moment to be able to kind of wake up and realize you are walking around in a fog, and really need to take things into your own hands.” (11:31)

“We have an issue with women’s empowerment, were not able to connect the dots. We have to figure out a way to do this, because if we don’t, then we pass down our disempowerment to the next generations.” (16:05)

“The ability to be a superwoman today comes from a very strong deep knowledge of who you are and what your chemistry is.” (24:37)

“Don’t power through, power up! Really figure out what is missing and what it is you might need so that we can jump on those things ahead of time before they become a disease or something bigger that you cannot ignore.” (30:35)


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