#85: How Stealth Infections Impact Hormones and How To Get To the Root Cause with Dr. Jessica Peatross

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Understanding lime disease and other tick-related diseases and how to identify them
  • The connection between your sex hormones, thyroid, adrenals and stealth infections
  • Ways to prevent attracting a stealth disease and fully support your bodies healing
  • Things to look out for inside of your house that could be causing a toxic environment
  • Environmental triggers that you should be mindful of with or without a stealth infection

Episode Summary

Stealth and hidden infections are largely one of the most undiagnosed root causes of disease in our country, yet so few people talk about it. Dr. Jessica Peatross, a board-certified internal medicine doctor, left the mainstream medical system and embarked on a journey of natural healing where she discovered the true root cause of many common ailments. Stealth and hidden infections can leave people confused and without hope because of traditional medicines inaccurate testing, and Dr. Jess is determined to fix that. By sharing knowledge around the symptoms, triggers, and co-connection between infections, Dr. Jess hopes to enlighten others around their diseases.

If you feel as though you are fighting an uphill battle with your body, constantly battling fatigue, brain fog, joint pain or visual problems, a stealth disease or infection may be the culprit. Dr. Jess explains the difference between conditions such as lime disease, mycotoxin illness, and  Epstein-Barr, what you should be directly testing for if you suspect you may have a stealth disease, ways that you can heal or prevent a stealth disease from taking hold, and much more.

A toxic environment, heavy metal exposure or even emotional trauma could be co-connected to a stealth infection and dismantling your immune system one step at a time. By tackling the role of hidden disease in your hormone health, stress levels, and overall wellbeing, you can gain real solutions to get to the core root of your disease and leverage Dr. Jess’s solutions at your fingertips.

Do the signs and symptoms of a stealth disease seem in line with your own bodily struggles? Share which ways you are working to get to the root cause of your own health issues in the comments below.


“I felt as though I could have saved him a lot of suffering had I have diagnosed that sooner, and it caught my attention so much that I vowed never to let that happen to a patient again.” (8:42)

“All of these stealth diseases are a war, and so you have got to prepare for war. And that means sometimes people get worse before they get better, unfortunately.” (18:34)

“Yes there is physical, mental and emotional stress, there is infection stress, and it’s really the way your body perceives it or the way you perceive it.” (22:29)

“My slogan is ‘be your own best doctor for a reason’, so I really like to empower people with information about how to heal themselves.” (31:30)

“I also want people to have the knowledge, to know the right questions to ask the functional medicine doctor, they don’t even know what to ask sometimes.” (34:00)

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    So GOOD!!! It has saved my life!!

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