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Mint Strawberry Water Infusion

Top 5 Tools for Healthy Summer Water Infusions

I started making water infusions five years ago when I came back from an incredible spa experience in Hawaii and had a tropical water infusion that knocked my socks off! I was ...
Shopping Healthy Starts in the Produce Section

Top 5 Rules for How to Shop Healthy

The key to eating healthy starts with the source of your food, but navigating the grocery store can be challenging with so many competing options and every label claiming to have less ...
Dr. Mariza TRX Workout

How to Stay Active While Traveling

In my last blog, I discussed how despite being on a 3-week honeymoon in Italy, we tried to stay healthy and maintain at least a few of the habits that are part ...
Farmer's Market in Venice

5 Tips on How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

My husband, Alex, and I just came back from a three week honeymoon trip to Italy! The land of pasta, bread, cheese, wine and gelato! We had an incredible time as we ...
Peppermint Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Peppermint Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Peppermint essential oil is one that I am never without. It has so many daily uses to support your body, you’re not going to want to go without it ever again! ...
How to Make a Green Smoothie with Essential Oils

How to Make a Green Smoothie with Essential Oils

A green smoothie is one of the fastest foods that you can make it your kitchen in under ten minutes with prep and clean up. Make sure that you have a great ...

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