Ginger Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Ginger Essential Oil Benefits

Most often associated with the under-the-weather bubbly soft drink of our youth, Ginger is a commonplace spice prized for its ability to soothe and ease digestive issues.  Oh, but it is so much more!  From cooking to bath products to diffusing, Ginger packs a spicy-earthy punch that will awaken your senses and motivate you to get up and go.  One of the prized spices on the “spice Route” from Asia to Europe, Ginger serves as a staple in many cultures and kitchens.  dōTERRA goes straight to the root for its steam distillation of the rhizome to create this essential oil in Madagascar.


The rich history of Ginger spans many cultures around the globe.  It pops up over 4,000 years ago in ancient Greece where it was used in cooking, especially in gingerbread.  In addition to finding a home in Egyptian cuisine, Ginger was utilized to prevent epidemics.  The Romans prized the sweet hot spice for use in wine, where they believed it to be a powerful aphrodisiac.  In India, Ginger played a powerful component in teas used to soothe digestion.  The Chinese used the spice in their tonics that they believed to strengthen the heart, but also to break down the mucus in head congestion.  In France, the oil finds myriad uses, in everything from cooking and digestion to heart support and disease prevention.  Even Hawaiians love their Ginger, where it is used in everything from scenting their clothes to cooking to soothing indigestion and even in their shampoos to prevent dandruff and massage oils due to its warming effect.  Prized by many countries and cultures, Ginger clearly is a necessary component of your home essential oil arsenal.


Like other spices in the essential oil world, Ginger essential oil is classified as a “hot” oil due to its warming properties.  Be sure not to apply Ginger neat (without dilution) to your skin and we do recommend at least a 1:10 ratio when diluting with your favorite carrier oil (1 drop EO to 1 drop carrier).  It does, however, make an amazing component to a deep tissue massage to work out those knots and release tension.  Research has shown that it supports healthy joint function, so be sure to target those areas in the rub.  It also makes a powerful addition to any workout, as it promotes sweat.  Do also watch for contact sensitization with repeated use, and you should avoid direct sunlight for 3 to 6 hours after using diluted Ginger essential oil on your skin.  If you do notice any signs of reaction, be sure to ALWAYS dilute with more carrier oil and NEVER, NEVER try to wash it off with water!  Oil and water do NOT mix, and the water will drive the oil deeper into your skin.


The spicy sweet middle note of Ginger can provide your life with a sharp bite of tenacity.  Looking for something to awaken that get-up-and-conquer-the-world feeling?  Ginger is the key!  You can pair it with most other spices and citrus scents for an influential effect on your physical energy and courage.  It is also said to have arousing properties in addition to increasing your determination and focus.  Procrastinating?  Try combining Ginger and Rosemary!  The best thing to do with Ginger is to find our own amazing scent combo.


A staple of my childhood illnesses, ginger ale always gave me a bubbly boost of comfort when my stomach was not cooperating.  More than that, however, Ginger may help to support digestive health and reduce gas, bloating, and nausea for a variety of reasons.  Going on a long car trip?  Bring along your Ginger and inhale the scent as you travel, especially coupled with some fresh air from the window.  Pregnant women also have found relief from occasional nausea by simple inhaling or diffusing the essential oil.  Looking for some DIY solutions to support your digestive health?  Try this recipe for Ginger Syrup which can be combined with seltzer water for Homemade Ginger Ale!


1 ¼ c. organic cane sugar (sub in honey or maple syrup as well)
2 ½ c. bottled water
2 drops Ginger essential oil
2 drops Lemon essential oil

Boil the sugar and water until dissolved. Remove from heat and cool. Add the essential oils and store in a tight glass jar or bottle. To make Ginger Ale, simply add 2 T. of syrup (or to taste) to a cup of seltzer water and enjoy!


If you have ever grated Ginger root for a recipe, you know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be.  Let me assure you that substituting Ginger essential oil for fresh Ginger does not alter the taste of your recipes at all.  In fact, it may even have a better flavor to it.  Now, a word of caution…Ginger is a strong flavor, so you don’t want to just add a drop to your recipe and go.  Use the toothpick method – dip a toothpick in the essential oil and swirl into your recipe components.  Taste for effect, and then add more if needed.  dōTERRA Ginger essential oil proves a powerful asset during those holiday months when pumpkin pies, candied sweet potatoes, and gingerbread grace our tables.  But after that, it is a great addition to Asian and Thai recipes with other essential oils and even just for a spicy kick to your normal routine.

Tired of your Green Goddess smoothie? Try this twist with a bit of Ginger EO for a new favorite!


1 overflowing cup of fresh organic spinach
1 overflowing cup of frozen diced pears (dice fresh pears and freeze for at least ½ hr)
½ c. Greek yogurt
1 T. almond or nut butter
1 c. almond milk or milk of choice (try coconut milk!)
1 tsp. raw organic honey
½ tsp. vanilla extract
1 drop Ginger essential oilAdd ingredients together and blend until smooth!


Using Ginger essential oil in food can kick up your cooking game a notch.  It is a great spice for infusing flavor into rice and broths.  When combined with citrus oils like Lemon or Lime and other spices like Black Pepper, Rosemary, or Coriander, you have the potential to create the most flavorful steamed shellfish you have ever tasted.  For use in baking, try starting small by adding it into waffle or muffin batter.  It pairs effortlessly with chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and gives a depth of flavor that you will continue to crave.


One more tidbit of amazing information before I leave you to experiment with your Ginger essential oil.  Did you know that dōTERRA partners with local communities to be sure that their essential oil is grown to optimum quality and harvested at just the right time?  They also work hard to ensure that the growers and workers appropriately compensated for their hard work.  But the latest endeavor in dōTERRA co-impact sourcing is Agro-Tourism.  In January of 2015, a group of tourists landed in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where they enjoyed resort life before embarking on an adventure to plant high-grade organic Ginger in local Haddo, Westmoreland.  Not only did they plant 10 acres in one day of hard work, but the entire operation was organized by a group of precocious teenagers from the nearby Knockalva Agricultural School in Ramble.  The farm now cares for and tends to the crops as it teaches other students the integral elements of farming.  In less than a year’s time, the crop will be ready for harvest and will be completely bought back by dōTERRA for use in its Ginger essential oil.  This initiative was a partnership between Farm Up Jamaica and dōTERRA.  This is just one more compelling reason why I wholeheartedly believe in dōTERRA!

The world of Ginger has now been opened for you, from cooking to supporting digestive health.  Interested in getting some Ginger for yourself or learning more about dōTERRA?  let me know!

If you know you are ready to get started with dōTERRA essential oils, you can sign up with me immediately here.

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