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Healthy fall recipes FI

Healthy Fall Recipes from the Farmer’s Market

Waking up to a crisp fall morning, the temperature slightly chilly – jacket weather – always reminds me of trips to my local farmer’s market to search for the season’s best-kept secrets!  While many may turn their nose up at some of these seasonal delicacies, it’s time for you to branch out and relish in the deliciousness of local, farm-grown produce.

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Top 5 Essential Oils for Gut Health

The things we all want more of… energy, healthier bodies, longevity and vitality. However, energy and vitality can be hard to achive in this world inundated by chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic ingredients. Today we must be constantly aware of what goes on around us, what touches us, and what goes into our body and gut. Our modern world is slowly wreaking havoc on our microbiome and our cells.

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doTERRA Ginger Oil Uses & Benefits

Ginger Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Most often associated with the under-the-weather bubbly soft drink of our youth, Ginger is a commonplace spice prized for its ability to soothe and ease digestive issues.  Oh, but it is so much more!  From cooking to bath products to diffusing, Ginger packs a spicy-earthy punch that will awaken your senses and motivate you to get up and go.  One of the prized spices on the “spice Route” from Asia to Europe, Ginger serves as a staple in many cultures and kitchens.  dōTERRA goes straight to the root for its steam distillation of the rhizome to create this essential oil in Madagascar.

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