Tangerine Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

In the world of citrus essential oils, the sweetest is Tangerine. With soothing, uplifting, and cleansing properties, Tangerine essential oil is a valuable asset to have on hand.

Tangerine makes a great addition to drinks and desserts because of its fresh, sweet, orange-y flavor and aroma. It does this all while giving your emotions, digestive system, and immunity a boost. Not only does it have amazing properties to benefit and support your body and mind, but also it offers an amazing secret weapon to add an extra zing to your best recipes!


Like other citrus oils, Tangerine is cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit of the Citrus reticulata tree. Tangerines are a hybrid of mandarins thought to have first been bred in Morocco. They have a rich history of uses in Chinese and herbal remedies, particularly for digestive and immune health. As with all citrus oils, Tangerine is photosensitive, so it is best to avoid UV ray exposure for up to 12 hours after you apply it topically.


Tangerines have held their place in ancient medicinal practices for digestive health for good reason. They are full of antioxidants that can help cut down inflammation and support your digestive organs. Taking Tangerine essential oil internally can also help support your liver in order to minimize your toxic load.

For a gut-soothing and metabolism-boosting morning routine, try a drop of Tangerine along with a drop of Peppermint in a glass of water. Its flavor is soothing, refreshing, and sweet, and it will help get your gut started on the right foot!

Its sweet flavor lends it well to desserts and treats, without needing to add a lot of extra sugar. This can also help banish cravings that get us all in trouble.

If you feel a sugar craving coming on or need a mid-day boost, try inhaling the scent of Tangerine essential oil or drinking a drop in a glass of water instead of reaching for that sugary snack.


All of the citrus oils are powerful immune-boosters, and Tangerine is no exception. When you take it internally, its antioxidants will boost your immune system. Add a drop to your water or smoothie for some added sweetness and powerful immune support.

You can also diffuse it to support your respiratory system and to cleanse and refresh the air in your home. Try diffusing it along with Frankincense, Melaleuca, and/or Eucalyptus for even more respiratory- and immune-boosting power.

The high concentration of limonene in Tangerine essential oil also gives its powerful cleansing properties that make it a great addition to your cleaning routine. Its sweet, fresh aroma and antimicrobial properties will leave your home germ-free and smelling fantastic! For some excellent ways to create natural cleansers for your home, check out this blog or get a copy of my best-selling book Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils.


Citrus essential oils are liquid happiness to me! Tangerine’s sweet, orange-y, tangy aroma will freshen and uplift your mood, soothe your anxiety, and help you to manage your stress. Unique constituents in Tangerine like linalool, alpha-pinene, and myrcene are what set it apart from the other citrus oils. These make it particularly calming as well as uplifting to help dispel your anxiety and promote feelings of happiness.

While most of us equate citrus oils with summery flavors and smells, Tangerine also combines well with oils like Cinnamon Bark and Clove to carry it into the fall season. This combination will be comforting to your mind while packing a punch for your immunity, too!

We all have days where we battle feeling overwhelmed. When you find yourself there or have big, hard things that need to be done, try out this blend of oils to give you courage to be the rockstar we all know you can be!


7 drops Tangerine essential oil
6 drops Frankincense essential oil
5 drops Peppermint essential oil
2 drops Cinnamon Bark essential oil
Carrier oil of choice

Add oils to 10 ml glass rollerball bottle. Top off with carrier oil of choice. Replace top, cap, and swirl to combine. Apply to back of neck, temples, wrists, and behind your ears to fill yourself with confidence and self-assurance.


I love how I can count on my citrus essential oils to boost my mood and support my body. As you can see, Tangerine essential oil is a great one to instill confidence and calm in your mind and support your immune and digestive health. It’s one that you won’t want to be without once you’ve tried it!

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