Top 5 Essential Oils For Hormonal Balance

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We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by quick fixes and simple solutions to our problems.  Everyone seems to have one and they may momentarily provide you with relief.  But when we dig deeper, we discover that the roots that run deep and influence, fluctuate, and wreak havoc on our mind, body, and soul.

Hormones play a huge role in the way that our body reacts and responds to life, and even the slightest imbalance can begin a symphony of symptoms that play on repeat until we have slowly driven ourselves mad.  There are ways to balance out your hormones, but the solution is different for everyone and requires some effort on your part to recognize the problem, reorganize your lifestyle, and begin to utilize essential oil tools that can aid you in maintaining the balance.

Hormonal Awareness

The first step in regaining hormonal balance is to recognize that there is a problem.  Symptoms like irritability, mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, weight gain, low libido, and anxiety all have their root in hormonal imbalance.  If you are suffering from any or all of these, I suggest first confiding in a trusted healthcare provider to ensure that there is not a more serious issue at hand.  If you haven’t had a physical recently and no one has taken your emotional temperature in a while, it’s time to establish that baseline.  There is no reason to suffer silently or try to develop a plan on your own when you are already overwhelmed with symptoms.

Supplementing & Maintaining Hormonal Balance

Maintenance is the key to finding a balance in life, and the same goes for your hormones.  Beginning with a healthy lifestyle builds a foundation for success when it comes to regaining control of your mind, body, and soul.  Begin by examining your diet, exercise plan, and any medications or natural supplements.  This should be on the top of the list to discuss with a healthcare provider.  In addition, also be ready to discuss natural supplements and using essential oils.  And, for women, discussing the effects of estrogen and progesterone, the two hormones that need to be balanced in order for us to avoid the excessive symptoms of PMS, menstruation, and menopause is paramount in your healthcare plan.

Using High-Quality Essential Oils

High-quality essential oils provide us with an all-natural way to aid our hormonal balance and to keep our mind and bodies in tune with one another.  While there are a variety of essential oils that have the ability to assist hormonal imbalance and relieve its symptoms, I have found five to be especially effective.  These are my Top 5 and my go-tos on a regular basis to ensure that I am keeping my hormones in harmony.

Which essential oils are best for YOUR hormones?

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Clary Sage Essential Oil

When hormones are mentioned, we most often think of estrogen and progesterone – they enhance womanhood but plague women on a monthly basis until dropping off and causing even more distress in menopause.

Clary Sage essential oil provides relief for symptoms caused by an imbalance in these two hormones.  It is the best oil for a woman’s worst time of the month.  It is effective in easing the pain caused by menstrual cramps by relaxing the smooth muscles, especially in combination with Lavender and Marjoram.  In addition, many midwives have found success in using it to ease the pains and stress of childbirth, as it helps to bring on contractions.

A 2014 study even showed that simply inhaling Clary Sage dramatically decreases the body’s cortisol – our stress-regulating hormone –  as well as improving the thyroid levels, thereby having an anti-depressant effect on the body and enhancing overall mood.  This speaks to the power of aromatherapy and the instantaneous effect that it can have on our mind and body.  Clary Sage can relax you to allow for a restful night’s sleep and ease any negative moods.  It is a must-have for women of any age.

Clary Sage is ideal for aromatic and topical application with a carrier essential oil of your choice.  I prefer to dilute Clary Sage with fractionated coconut oil.  I also love to combine Clary Sage with other hormone balancing oils.  Below you will find my hormone synergy roller remedy for you to use throughout the day.

Hormone Synergy Blend

Yield: 10-milliliter rollerball bottle


10 drops clary sage essential oil
8 drops lavender essential oil
8 drops geranium essential oil
4 drops bergamot essential oil
4 drops ylang ylang essential oil
fractionated coconut oil or almond oil


Place the number of drops, per recipe, in a rollerball bottle, and then fill to the top with your carrier oil of choice. Roll the blends over your ovaries and pulse points (neck, ankles, and wrists) 2 to 3 times per day.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Known primarily as an aphrodisiac, Ylang Ylang essential oil provides an intoxicating fragrance to many perfumes and cosmetics on the market today.  Its nourishing properties and rich antioxidants help to protect and care for skin, especially during times of hormonal imbalance. It is also popular in hair care products, prized for its ability to strengthen and smooth to leave you with a glowing mane.

Its calming aroma not only influences the libido, but it also provides calm to the mind and body. Able to lower the heart rate and provide an overall sense of relaxation, Ylang Ylang can be an asset to anyone suffering from symptoms of depression or mood swings due to imbalanced hormones. With its ability to influence both mood and body, Ylang Ylang can offer daily support for combatting the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Adding Ylang Ylang to a diffuser is an ideal way to use it at night with your partner.

Passion Diffuser Blend

This blend is ideal to add to a diffuser 30 minutes to 1 hour before heading to bed to help get you in the mood for intimacy. This blend will also help to reduce stress and worry.


2 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops bergamot essential oil
1 drops ylang ylang essential oil
1 drop vetiver essential oil


Add essential oils drops to a cold diffuser with water. If using an atomizing diffuser, multiply this blend by 10 in a 15-milliliter glass bottle and run for 30 minutes to 1 hour before going to bed.

Bergamot Essential Oil

The citrusy-sweet scent of Bergamot can be recognized by those fond of a cup of Earl Grey Tea.  Aromatically, it has the unique ability to both uplift the mood while calming the mind.  An added benefit of topical application of Bergamot is its ability to cleanse and purify the skin while positively affecting mood.  In fact, even serious stress-induced disorders, many caused by a hormonal imbalance, can be positively impacted by Bergamot essential oil.

By reducing the heart rate and blood pressure, Bergamot has proved to lower the body’s stress responses, possibly linking it with a direct effect on the adrenal glands.  Especially for those dealing with difficult events in their lives, Bergamot can alleviate anxious feelings and uplift your mood so that you can conquer your day.

For instant stress relief, try the Emotional Release diffuser blend after you get home from work, or a when you want to unwind.

Emotional Release Diffuser Blend

This blend is ideal to add to a diffuser when you walk in the door from a long day, or while at the office. You can also add 1 drop of each to your hands and take three deep breaths to release emotional distress. Geranium supports the release of unwanted emotions. Bergamot and jasmine stabilize mood and promote feelings of calm.


2 drops geranium essential oil
2 drops bergamot essential oil
2 drops jasmine or ylang ylang essential oil


Add essential oils drops to an ultrasonic cool-air diffuser. If using a cool-air nebulizing diffuser, multiply this blend by 10 in a 15-milliliter glass bottle and run for 30 minutes to 1 hour before going to bed.

Lavender Essential Oil

Most notable for its ability to influence a restful night’s sleep, Lavender essential oil finds popularity for its versatility in a variety of situations. First discovered for its aid in soothing occasional skin irritations, Lavender has since found popularity in a number of beauty and personal care products.

During times of hormonal imbalance when skin is at its worst, Lavender can ease and calm irritated complexions.  Its light floral aroma calms the mind and body while whisking away feelings of stress and anxiety. For moments of heat during menopause, Lavender has been found to alleviate symptoms and, in combination with Peppermint essential oil, cool down the skin.  Massages with Lavender essential oil ease the pain of menstrual cramps while simultaneously balancing the emotions.  Even used in an Epsom salt bath, Lavender can transport your body to a state of relaxation and work to rebalance your emotions while you recalibrate.  Below is a great bath soak recipe to reduce stress and support restful sleep.

Therapeutic Bath Soak Recipe

Below you will discover my favorite recipe for a quick and relaxing bath soak. I have included my three staple essential oils for balancing mood and promoting a restful night’s sleep.


1 cup sea salt
1 cup Epsom salts or magnesium flakes
1/2 cup baking soda
8 to 10 drops Relax and Restore Bath Blend, or essential oils of your choice (suggested oils: frankincense, lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang, or cedarwood)

 Relax and Restore Bath Blend

3 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops frankincense essential oil
2 drops clary sage essential oil


Fill your bathtub with the hottest water you can stand. Mix together sea salt, Epsom salts, and baking soda in a small bowl. Add to the bath water. Blend essential oils together and add them to the bath. Stir ingredients with your hands. Soak in the bath for 20 minutes and rinse off in the shower.
Any longer and your body may reabsorb the toxins you have released. Rinse off the remaining salt on your body in the shower. While showering, visualize the water washing away all mental chatter and stress of the day.

Thyme Essential Oil

Though usually more often found in the kitchen today, Thyme provided courage for warriors and knights of the Middle Ages.  Its ability to support a healthy immune system makes it a popular choice for anyone whose stress levels have compromised her health.

It cleanses and purifies the skin when used topically, though it should always be diluted due to its high thymol content. Specifically, studies discovered that Thyme essential oil balances progesterone levels and could potentially delay the effects of menopause.  It also supports natural hormonal levels during to offset the effects of PMS and can energize the body during times of weakness or stress.  Surely Thyme should be worth your time if you are teetering on the edge of menopause. The best way to apply Thyme is with coconut oil around the inner ankle, or bottom of the feet.


Utilizing these essential oils on a consistent basis ensures that you will be providing your body with natural solutions for hormonal balance.  The best application for these essential oils are aromatic application and topical application.  When working with topical application, apply over the wrists, feet, back of the neck and ovaries with a carrier oil of your choice.  Don’t expect them to work immediately or only when your symptoms are already out of control.  The key is to be proactive and let your body learn to balance itself with the help of the essential oils.  This, in combination with lifestyle modifications in diet and exercise, will allow your body to heal itself and find its own new balance in an ever-changing world. Your mind, body, and soul will soon realign and you will see the world in a new way after reclaiming your equilibrium.

If you want to learn more basics about essential oils, including blends and self-care rituals for women, check out my newest book, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils.

Essential Oils for Hormone Balance FAQ:

What essential oils help balance hormones?
My top 5 hormone-support oils are Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Lavender, and Thyme.

How can I naturally balance my hormones?
Your hormones are a very delicate and complex system in your body. While there’s no one-stop-shop solution to creating hormone balance, it’s important to be aware of the root causes of why your hormones are imbalanced in the first place. Then, targeted approaches with nutrition, supplements, essential oils, and self-care are the best way to restore your health.

Can Clary Sage help estrogen levels?
Yes! Studies show that Clary Sage can help keep estrogen and progesterone in balance, which can help relieve many discomforts tied to your cycle, perimenopause, estrogen dominance, and more.

How do I use Thyme essential oil for hormone balance?
Studies show that Thyme essential oil helps promote a healthy level of progesterone in your body, warding off unpleasant symptoms during perimenopause and menopause that are tied to estrogen dominance. The best way to apply it is diluted on your inner ankle or bottom of your feet.

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