Wintergreen Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

While most people sing the praises of Peppermint essential oil, Wintergreen essential oil packs a powerful array of constituents that can support many of your systems.  If you are an athlete or a hardcore workout fanatic, Wintergreen deserves a place in your essential oil repertoire.  Not only can it provide you with tingling and deep-penetrating relief from muscle aches, but it can also open up your airways to enable you to have a more intense workout experience.  Found in many candies, gums, and mints, Wintergreen has always been popular for oral health, and the essential oil is no stranger to this either.  Though it should be avoided during pregnancy and is highly damaging for small children or for anyone if ingested, periodic small uses of Wintergreen can greatly improve your overall wellness.  This sweet and minty essential oil complements other oils as well and has a very interesting story about its harvesting process.  Join me as we explore Wintergreen!


Cultivated in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal, the minty leaf of Gaultheria fragrantissima grows only in cool shady areas, usually very heavily forested and requires a very specific soil profile for optimum results. When it is ready to be harvested, native women carefully navigate up the muddy slopes with enormous baskets that they then fill with the tiny leaves. It takes over 14 hours to steam-distill the leaves and this produces such a tiny amount of Wintergreen that many companies do not take the time that dōTERRA does. In fact, this is one of the oils that should have its purity verified because of the difficulty in producing it; most Wintergreen on the market today is synthetic.

dōTERRA goes to great lengths to ensure that you are getting only the very highest quality of Wintergreen. They have partnered with community groups in the remote Dolakha district that own, oversee, and work at community-owned distilleries. Such care is taken that when disaster strikes, such as the earthquakes that struck Nepal, there has to be a back-up plan for the production of Wintergreen while the community groups rebuild. When the epicenter of the earthquake hit right in the heart of the community that we support, our Healing Hands organization quickly united with CHOICE Humanitarian to assist in providing temporary housing for our Nepalese friends and partners. While they continue to rebuild, a Chinese Wintergreen known as Gaultheria procumbens will be utilized in other dōTERRA essential oil blends that include Wintergreen. This just goes to show how very special the Wintergreen that we produce is!


Due to its intense soothing properties, Wintergreen finds a home in many tension relief products on the market.  It does have an intense warming effect on the skin, so be sure to dilute with your favorite carrier oil for an amazing post-workout massage.  This essential oil works wonders at easing occasional discomfort from aching muscles or joints and has a natural numbing effect on the skin.  After it warms the skin, it can also have a cooling effect as well, which is why it is so popular in rubs and creams.  Combined with other essential oils, Wintergreen can be an amazing addition to any rub recipe. For an amazing DIY Muscle Rub, check out the recipe below.


  • 15 drops Wintergreen essential oil
  • 15 drops Lavender essential oil
  • ½ c. raw organic refined Coconut Oil
  • ¼ c. Beeswax

In a glass container, add the coconut oil and beeswax. Add to a hot water bath and stir or swirl until melted. Remove from water bath and let cool slightly. Add the essential oils and pop in the refrigerator for quick solidification or let sit at room temperature for several hours until hardened. To use, scoop out a tablespoon or more and rub in between the palms of your hands to melt the rub. Then massage into the area of concern. Add a wet, warm compress for a deep-penetrating sensation.

Note: Be sure not to cross-contaminate after touching Wintergreen essential oil, as it will leave a tingling cooling sensation wherever it comes into contact. Also remember that water and oil repel each other, so trying to wash it off will only push the oils in deeper! Add more carrier oil to dilute and then wipe off.


Since Wintergreen is a powerful stimulant, it can have a powerfully uplifting effect on your overall mood when used in the diffuser. It can elevate and uplift mood as well as increase awareness in your senses. It is also great for opening up airways. Combine it with Lavender, Lemongrass, or Geranium for a minty floral scent, or try adding Cypress and Peppermint for a minty kick that will enliven your spirit. For a more soothing experience, add Wintergreen to Ylang Ylang or Thyme. Wintergreen also works great to mask unsightly odors, so put a drop or two on a cotton ball and toss it in your gym bag, nasty shoes, or in your locker to ward off the funk.

It is also great to diffuse during the winter holidays when you want a minty-earthy scent. Try this spritz for a holiday scent around the home:


  • 5 drops Wintergreen
  • 5 drops Peppermint
  • 5 drops Cypress or White Fir
  • Distilled Water

Add oils and water to a 2 oz. glass spray bottle.  Shake and spritz around your home for a holiday burst of fragrance.


Wintergreen is a popular additive in many commercial breath mints, gums, and candies. Most of these products would be made with a synthetic Wintergreen, whereas dōTERRA offers you Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Wintergreen essential oil which is poisonous if ingested. The safety cap included with the bottle should be a red flag that this particular oil should never be allowed near children. For oral health alternatives, try dōTERRA’s Peppermint or Spearmint essential oil, both of which will create amazing flavor in your homemade candy, gum, or toothpaste and leave you feeling instantly kissable!

Other tips and tricks for Wintergreen include using it as a spot treatment for blemishes or dabbing a small, diluted amount on your temples to relieve temporary tension. To try out the power of Wintergreen for yourself, contact me and we can get you started!  

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