#119: Hacking Happiness and Longevity with a 2-Minute Meditation with Karen Salmansohn

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • How to succeed even if you haven’t had success with meditating in the past
  • The link between meditation, productivity, and longevity
  • Healthy tools to swap out your anxiety crutches with natural remedies 
  • How to use dark chocolate, the shower, or the morning to meditate
  • Tips and tricks to help you take control of your day through meditation practices

Episode Summary

Meditation is one of the top ways to increase your happiness and longevity but can be so difficult to get into. That is why my guest today, Karen Salmansohn, created her 2-minute meditation practice to help people stop making excuses and find the true joy of meditation. 

It may seem crazy, but meditation has the power to replace your caffeine addiction, help you find more peace, and unlock the secrets of life longevity. A self-described combination of MAD Magazine and Psychology Today, Karen is a research nerd who is passionate about helping you find time for yourself. 

This episode is for anyone who wants to get into self-help, but would never be caught dead seeking self-help. Meditation is the single most powerful natural way to release stress, and with Karen’s 2-minute meditation practice you have the tools you need to succeed. 

If you don’t think you have time for meditation or have a hard time getting a grip of the ‘perfect meditation,’ Karen is here to put your mind at ease and show you that you do have time to meditate. Everybody has two minutes a day to dedicate to themselves, and you too can embrace the miraculous powers of meditating. 

Are you down to try a two-minute meditation and get in where you fit in? Let us know the impact meditation has had on your life and stress load in the comments below!


“I do what I call self-help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self-help. Because it’s got the research, it’s got the humor and it’s got a design that makes it fun to read.” (8:57)

“Breathe in and inhale for four seconds to the words ‘I am stronger than my challenges,’ think it in your mind, and then exhale for four seconds, ‘my challenges are making me stronger.’” (15:39)

“Try the water and even try meditation in those moments that you think ‘I need a coffee.’ See if the water can do it for you, or see if a two-minute meditation can do it for you. Replace your coffee time with meditation time.” (25:02)

“Meditation helps you live longer, and if you want longevity tools you can’t just focus on what you feed your body, you also have to focus on what you feed your mind.” (27:50)

“I need to be in my place of calm and clarity and my happiest self, and meditation has consistently helped me to be that, to tap into the best version of me.” (33:57)

Resources Mentioned

Instant Calm by Karen Salmansohn

Life Is Long by Karen Salmansohn 

Karen Salmansohn (Not Salmon) Website

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