#118: Why Hormone Optimization Is the Key for Women with Dr. Dan Pompa

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • What you can do to help improve your cellular and mitochondrial functioning 
  • How to start removing toxic stress from your life and home
  • Diet variation strategies to address toxicity  
  • Biohacking to regenerate your cells and reduce cellular inflammation 
  • Ways that you can make intermittent fasting a part of your hormone optimization plan

Episode Summary

We all know that detoxing has become an essential part of taking care of your body, but did you know that your cells and hormones also need to cleanse in order to achieve optimal functioning? Dr. Dan Pompa is an expert in reducing your toxic load and is here today to help guide us in ways that we can decrease the toxins and stressors in our life. 

Cellular functioning is a key player when detoxing your body and hormones, and yet so few people talk about it. Dr. Dan has proven tips and tricks to help you dismiss the hormonal and stress chaos that is going on within your cells so that you can find a new version of yourself. 

Developing your cellular healing is such an important part of optimal functioning, and Dr. Dan has created a road map to help you embrace these powerful changes.

Are you ready to take your cellular healing to the next level through hormone optimization and intermittent fasting? Share what tricks you are using to detox your body and hormones in the comments below!


“You have to fix the cell to get well, you have to fix the cell to get your hormones well, and more specifically you have to detox the cell.” (19:05)

“The only reason I know what I know is that I have been through it. When you go through it yourself you figure things out pretty quickly.” (28:30)

“Periodic fast, as I teach it, you get more hormone-sensitive, you get more hormone optimization, you get more autophagy, getting rid of the bad cells and upregulating the good cells, so over time your body heals naturally.” (37:59)

“Feast/famine cycles, monthly, weekly, seasonally, changing it up, it works.” (47:42)

“The body wants to do one thing, survive. So we are biohacking the cell when we force any type of adaptation.” (50:55)

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