#192: How to Makeover Your Metabolism for Long-Term Success with Mark Sisson

In This Episode: Makeover Your Metabolism

  • Learn why food is the number one foundation for your health challenges
  • What to do if your quarantine food choices are not serving your best self
  • How to stop your snacking by ensuring your meals are satisfying 
  • Tips for experimenting with your hunger and achieving metabolic flexibility
  • Why micro workouts are the perfect at-home workout during quarantine

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Episode Summary

There is a really good chance that we all need a metabolism reboot, but where do you start? Mark Sisson is a bestselling author, creator of Primal Foods, and is an expert at all things keto, Paleo, and metabolism. Mark is here today to provide you with the very best strategies to help you reset your metabolism through simple changes in what you eat and when you eat it.

During this time we are all closer to our refrigerators than ever before. This means we are likely dealing with the desire to comfort our cravings with food that we know isn’t good for us. Food is at the top of the hierarchy when it comes to energizing yourself, and it is only by turning your metabolism back on that you can gain the metabolic flexibility necessary to optimize your body. 

Mark’s practical attitude toward food, especially keto, intermittent fasting, and short burst movements throughout the day, is the perfect way to help support your body and improve your function. If you are looking for doable ways that you can start dialing in on what your body needs from the comfort of your own home, Mark is the expert for you. 

Are you ready to start navigating what your body needs versus wants and find a way to nourish yourself? Share what you loved most about Mark’s tried and true method with us in the comments below!


“As I got more and more involved in diet and exercise and the connection between exercise and diet and health and all of the things that we do to improve our lives and our wellbeing, I realized more and more how important the diet part of that is.” (5:46)

“Now is not the time to be assuaging your concerns with comfort food, now is the time to hunker down and go ‘okay, what are the healthy things I can consumer that are also satisfying?’” (15:40)

“Its tough; this takes some perseverance and some focus to be able to do this. But it is a great time to experiment with that and to institute that kind of a habit.” (17:28)

“The ketogenic diet… I basically use it as a tool to achieve metabolic flexibility. And then I don’t need to be in ketosis, I don’t need to be doing this radical diet that I have to adhere to, especially if I am eating in a compressed eating window.” (23:38)

Resources Mentioned

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