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#268: The Number One Hormone Imbalance Connected to Stubborn Weight Gain

There’s nothing more frustrating than when weight shows up out of nowhere and won’t budge no matter what you try. But I’ve found that weight gain is ALWAYS a symptom of something else happening in your body, and today I’m sharing the most likely culprit! Insulin resistance is super common thanks to high levels of stress and inflammation in our lives. But it’s causing more damage beneath the surface than you might realize.

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#267: The Gut Hormone Connection and What You Can Do to Start Healing Your Gut Today with Tina Anderson

We often fail to realize the connection between our hormonal symptoms and the health of our gut microbiome. The truth is, every single part of your overall health comes back to the gut, which is why it is so important to take care of your gut health through spore-based probiotics, mindfulness practices, diverse foods, and a limited amount of toxic exposure.

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#266: 5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

I’m talking about how to restart your metabolism, especially at age 35+, when nothing you do seems to turn the needle to lose weight. Check out this quick episode today for some instant wins to help you crack the code on your stubborn weight and give your metabolism a reboot safely, inexpensively, and instantly!

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