#267: The Gut Hormone Connection and What You Can Do to Start Healing Your Gut Today with Tina Anderson

If You Want to Heal Your Gut, You Should:

  1. Recognize the significance of your gut health when it comes to all aspects of your body 
  2. Limit your toxic exposure, practice mindfulness, and fill your plate with diverse foods
  3. Integrate spore-based probiotics daily and consistently to help your gut garden come back to life

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Episode Summary

Hormones and the issues you may be having with your gut are not often discussed in the same sentence, but the truth is that your hormone imbalance is directly related to what is going on in your gut microbiome. Headaches, aches and pains, your energy levels, and your hormone imbalances are all directly related to your gut. The good news is there is a simple and effective way to heal your gut, which in turn will heal the other parts of your body by taking care of your gut microbiome through simple and effective solutions.

Sharing Wellness with Tina Anderson

Tina Anderson has had a unique start in the world of health and on some unusual terms. While she began her career in law, she made the switch to a family pharmaceutical company after the birth of her second child. What she saw in the industry shocked her and made her change direction once again into the field of natural health. Along with her husband, she has created a unique supplement line, Just Thrive, that contains superior probiotic strains of the renowned researcher Dr. Simon Cutting. Tina is passionate about sharing her love of wellness to help others live their best physical and emotional lives.

Everything Starts with the Gut

Did you know that every single disease out there can be traced back to an imbalance in your gut? Everything from our mood-elevating hormones like serotonin to our ability to handle different foods is founded in the gut. This is why it is so important to get to the root cause of your sensitivities and heal them from the inside out.

The most intimate environment between you and the external world is your gut, which is why it is so necessary to create an environment where your gut microbiome can flourish and maintain a healthy level of diversity. By limiting your toxic exposure, practicing mindfulness, and promoting diversity, you can heal your gut and inflammation so that you can start living symptom-free.

Spore-Based Probiotics Are a Game Changer

Spore-based probiotics can act as the gardener to your gut, pulling the weeds, replanting, and repopulating the plants in your gut to help them come back to life and act as a functional and effective solution to everyday gut support. It is amazing how quickly we can rebuild our gut health simply by incorporating the right spore-based probiotic into our routine every single day. 

I have personally been taking Just Thrive probiotics consistently throughout my pregnancy and beyond to ensure that my and my little man’s gut microbiome is healthy and thriving. Taking this probiotic is one of the simplest ways that you can take care of your microbiome, help pass on a healthy microbiome to your family, and help the garden of your gut come back to life.

Are you ready to take simple, easy, and daily action towards healing your gut and the rest of your hormonal symptoms? Share what you are doing to replenish your gut health with me in the comments below!


“We have to start at the gut. The gut is really paramount for every aspect of our overall health.” (5:22)

“Every single disease that is out there always comes back to an imbalance in your gut. Every single one. It is paramount, it is the first thing that you do when you are talking about maintaining overall health.” (10:01)

“We want diversity. So fasting will help with diversity, eating a diverse group of foods helps with diversity, and even just mindful practices… it absolutely helps your gut.” (25:43)

“With spore-based probiotics, it is a very different approach. It is going in and taking the plants that are already in the garden, or the good bacteria that is already in your gut, and helping bring it back to life. And this is how we create diversity.” (29:27)

“We are meant to be consuming these strains on a daily basis. And not only that, we are living in this completely toxic world, we are living in this world that is so offensive to our gut health, that it is so important to be taking them on a daily basis and a regular basis.” (33:29)

In This Episode

  • When you can expect to start seeing changes when it comes to your gut health (6:25)
  • How your gut health can impact your anxiety and other hormone challenges (11:08)
  • Which Thrive Products can help you be proactive when it comes to the foods you are eating (19:33)
  • What you can do on a daily basis to help your gut withstand the offenders of modern life (24:17)
  • The number one thing that you can do to support your gut consistently through spore-based probiotics (28:35)

Resources Mentioned

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2 Responses to #267: The Gut Hormone Connection and What You Can Do to Start Healing Your Gut Today with Tina Anderson

  1. Kathie Hamby May 12, 2021 at 8:17 pm #


    Just listened to this informative podcast. In your essential oil book, you do not mention this probiotic but it does sound like one you recommend. Is that correct?


    • Dr. Mariza May 19, 2021 at 2:48 am #

      Hey Kathie! Yes! I have personally been taking Just Thrive probiotics consistently throughout my pregnancy and beyond to ensure that my and my little man’s gut microbiome is healthy and thriving. Check it out here!

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