#34 How To Fix Your Metabolism For Good with Dr. Alan Christianson

Essentially You Podcast 034: How To Fix Your Metabolism For Good with Dr. Alan Christianson

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Key indicators to recognizing your metabolism isn’t functioning properly
  • How to support your liver functions on a day to day basis
  • The importance of fibre diversity and butyrate: the breakout resistant starch
  • How to stabilize your blood sugar levels
  • Foods that Dr. C recommends to his patients


Episode Summary

Most of us are aware that our experience in life is conditional on how we feel and how well our bodies function and that food play a big role in that. However, it’s more than just good food vs bad food. Dr. Alan Christianson joins us to explain how your body is burning the fuel you give it so that you can become your most optimal functioning self through the food you eat.

Dr. Christianson, or ‘Dr. C’ for short, has cracked the code on how to fix your metabolism and is here today to help share his knowledge on how to heal from the inside out. He is a New York Times best-selling author and naturopathic physician, inspired to get into medicine after his own health struggles with cerebral palsy and obesity. Dr. C helps his clients understand what is happening inside the body and regain their lives back by understanding protein, fuel, and nutrients.

We are diving into how to get your body into fat burning mode, why carbs might not actually be the devil, and how some surprising resistant starches can help your body function at a higher metabolic rate. Do you follow Dr. C’s advice on amino acids and maintaining fiber? Let us know your thoughts about his metabolism boosters in the comments below.



“Your experience in life is so so conditional on just how you feel and how your body is functioning and how you feel about how you look, you know these are big things. And improving that can happen just by information that’s applied well, and often times not from things that people are receiving from the conventional world.” (6:20)

“There are so many situations in which keeping your blood sugar steady is the key to good weight and good brain health and longevity and disease prevention, and the more it goes up and down the sicker we become. And even autoimmunity or adrenal changes, they are all things that can be worsened by erratic blood sugar.” (19:05)

“You are talking about detox, you gotta also be taking appropriate steps to detox during that whole weight loss cycle so that your body is not retoxifying or getting these toxic things more concentrated or in worse places, or just making it all not work.” (31:30)

“People often think about nutrients as doing something good, the more we have the better. And nutrients I think more like a key to a car. You know if the key is not there the car doesn’t go, but you don’t make a car into a race car by pouring 50 keys into the driver’s seat, you know. If you’ve got the key your good.” (32:49)


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