#432: What Role Does the Gut Play in Mood and Brain Health with Tina Anderson

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Episode Summary

It’s never too late to start healing your gut microbiome and improving your gut health. So many adults and children have leaky gut syndrome without even knowing it, but healing the gut is the first step you need to take on any health journey you undertake. I’m joined by Tina Anderson, who is a wealth of knowledge about spore-based probiotics and many other unique probiotic strains, to talk about how probiotics can transform your health.

About Tina Anderson

Tina Anderson’s journey into the world of health had a unique start and some unusual turns. She began her career as a trial lawyer specializing in settling cases by bringing both sides together, her personal passion.

Once her second child arrived, Tina left that high-stress job behind to focus on her family. Luckily, she could still use her considerable legal skills to point her career in a new direction as the in-house counsel for a family pharmaceutical company. 

But what Tina saw there made her change direction again. Frustrated by the many cases of abuse in the pharmaceutical industry, Tina turned toward the natural health field and found her life’s work. She channeled her energy into learning all she could about disease prevention and good health maintenance. That led her to discover the importance of gut health and how connected and crucial it is for overall health and wellness. 

To share her discovery with the world, Tina and her husband created a unique supplement that contains the superior probiotic strains of renowned researcher Dr. Simon Cutting. By promoting gut health and

probiotics, Tina shares her passion for wellness, helping others live their best physical and emotional lives.

Why You Need to Heal Your Gut Microbiome

Your gut microbiome and gut health are the most important parts of your body that you need to heal to improve your overall health. You can do everything else correctly, take all the best supplements, avoid your food intolerances, and reduce your toxic load. However, if your gut has inflammation, you will still be unwell and experience symptoms similar to what you initially had. It’s also vital to find the root cause of your illnesses.

How to Heal Your Gut Health

Some of the best ways to heal your gut are by taking a spore-based probiotic daily – and starting your children on the same probiotics as early as possible. You can also work to reduce your stress load, as your gut health is directly connected to your brain function. Tina ends our conversation today by saying that you need to start any health journey by healing your gut.

Have you started including probiotics in your daily routine? What benefits have you already had since taking them? Let me know in the comments below!


“We’ve been focusing on resilience. We’re all faced with offenders to our health all the time, from the air we breathe to what we eat. The bottom line is that we want to build resilience in our body so that we’re able to once in a while have that glass of wine or something that we shouldn’t be eating. It’s about building that resilience within ourselves.” [7:12]

“People with higher levels of Bifido Longum 1714 strain in their gut had virtually no anxiety or depression. It’s amazing.” [24:06]

“When you see the amount of allergies in kids these days versus I know when I was a child, it’s unbelievable. I think there is no sooner time than now to start your child on a spore-based probiotic.” [27:59]

“If any of our guts are inflamed, they’re just not absorbing the nutrients. When we have an imbalance in our gut, which, unfortunately, so many kids and adults nowadays do, they’re not absorbing the nutrients. You could take Vitamin D, C, and other multivitamins, but if your gut is inflamed, it’s not absorbing those nutrients.” [32:32]

“Everybody has a gluten intolerance. We know that gluten is actually causing that impermeability in your gut lining. It’s weakening the intestinal cell wall that is so important for us to keep really strong. Everyone should not be eating gluten because it’s destroying our gut lining, yet our gut lining is so protective of so much of our health.”  [37:30]

In This Episode

  • Why you need to focus on your gut microbiome and your gut health [7:30]
  • What you need to know about spore-based probiotics [9:00]
  • The differences between spore-based probiotics and others on the market [10:00]
  • The importance of finding the root cause of your illness [11:30]
  • The relationship between your gut and your brain [15:00]
  • How ‘Just Calm’ helps your gut’s reaction to stress [19:30]
  • When to take your probiotics [25:45]
  • When children should start taking probiotics [26:30]
  • Why you have to start your health journey by healing your gut [33:00]

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