#70: What’s Happening to Your Hormones In Perimenopause and How To Create Balance with Candace Burch

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  • Examining the evolution of women’s hormone health and testing
  • Specific hormones that are the key to overall health and longevity
  • Breaking down the relationship between estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol
  • What to be testing for as you begin your hormone healing journey
  • Incorporating a cortisol-based approach to exercise and appetite into your week


At this point in your health journey, you may think you understand the role that hormones play in your transition from perimenopause to menopause and beyond. However, understanding the role your hormones are playing is not enough to help you take back control over your body’s natural rhythm. You need effective and natural approaches to subdue your symptoms, which is exactly where Candace Burch comes in.

Candace has a Masters in Health Education and is passionate about utilizing her scientific background to develop specialized testing methods to help women thrive during this time of transition. Today she paints a picture of hormonal symptoms most of us know far too well and provides scientifically backed methods to help you see what is happening inside your hormones.

Do you know the difference between how your brain perceives various types of stress? What about how your environment can impact your hormone levels, or why we are seeing a drastic increase in functional hypothyroidism? Candace provides answers to these questions and so much more as she shines a light on the necessary steps that you need to be taking to protect your body’s hormonal functioning.

By knowing your symptoms, getting regular testing to identify your hormone imbalances, and using your test results as a guide to rebalance your major issues naturally, Candace believes each woman can gracefully embrace menopause. Candace provides lifestyle approaches and examples of clean habits to help you asses your hormone results and find natural solutions.

Let us know how Candace’s hormone advice relates to your hormone journey in the comments below!


“Doctors would prescribe the same thing to me, my mother, my sister, the woman down the block, the gal at the grocery store, it was all the same. And we are not all the same.” (8:34)

“Don’t start with the thyroid, start with the estrogen-progesterone balance, start with the cortisol, let’s find out where they are at and get those balanced. And then see if the thyroid doesn’t resolve, which it often does.” (24:53)

“It is such a relief to know that there is usually a reason for the way that you are feeling.” (31:07)

“When stress takes center stage and cortisol levels are off, everything else is at risk.” (39:24)


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