#89: Beat Autoimmune Disease Naturally with Palmer Kippola

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • How an adverse childhood experience could have a lasting impact on your health
  • Unburdening your immune system and raising your metabolism by healing your gut
  • What you can do to get your immune system back on your good side forever
  • Gaining an awareness of what is right and wrong for your body and your symptoms
  • Understanding the correlation between stress, diet, lifestyle and autoimmune conditions

Episode Summary

After a multiple sclerosis diagnosis at age nineteen, Palmer Kippola was told by half a dozen neurologists that there was nothing she could do for her condition but be put on medication and prepare for life in a wheelchair.

Refusing to accept this, but stuck without modern resources like the internet, Palmer started her own 20-year long health discovery and has since reversed the symptoms of her MS by finding her triggers and healing her gut. With this incredibly powerful information in hand, Palmer recently wrote Beat Autoimmune, a guide to exploring the six crucial lifestyle factors, or F.I.G.H.T.S, that are the root cause of your autoimmune condition.

Autoimmunity is the fastest growing condition in the United States, and mainstream medicine only covers up the symptoms leaving patients confused and suffering. For a new perspective, Palmer explains the six key factors to reversing your autoimmune condition, such as food, infection, and stress, how to serve your gut by removing toxins and adding nourishing elements, and ultimately works to shift the paradigm for what you believe is possible for your health and wellness.

Palmer is proof that with a little dedication, hard work, and stubbornness, you can help heal your body naturally. By digging into the root causes and removing the stress that is blocking your immune system, you too can help reverse the symptoms of your autoimmune disease and realize the incredible capacity for healing that your body has.

Stop adding fuel to the fire and start listening to what your body is telling you that it needs with Palmer’s vast experience and wealth of knowledge around autoimmunity.

What lightbulbs went off in your head as Palmer explains her miraculous and inspiring story and research? Share your ‘a-ha’ moment with us in the comments below.


“I just believed that chronic stress was my big ‘why’ for why the MS came on. I had become a child warrior, I was hypervigilant, and I believed intuitively that my immune system had become a proxy for that hypervigilance.” (12:25)

“I really wanted to get to, how in the world was it even possible that I could reverse a disease that six neurologists, these experts, had told me there was nothing I could do, and yet that was completely different from my felt experience.” (24:31)

“When I found this exciting science about epigenetics and how we control 90% of our health outcomes and genes only play 10% of the part, I want people to know that and embrace that and feel empowered that there is so much that they can do.” (30:56)

“Really being aware of any of those past traumas that you have experienced, and doing whatever you can to address them on a daily basis is ideal.” (45:20)

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