#98: How To Overcome The Hidden Internal Stress In Our Body with Shelley Gawith

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Why you need to address the hidden internal stresses that you don’t even think about
  • How to discover what kind of hidden stressors are going on inside your body
  • What you should be looking at in your gut to fix your chronic fatigue
  • Becoming more conscious around your meal time and mindfulness exercises
  • Simple ways to get the most out of your meals and make digestion easier

Episode Summary

Shelley Gawith’s life came crashing down around her when she lost her cognitive function and the ability to leave the house and received no answers from doctors.

Frustrated by her blanket diagnosis of chronic fatigue system, Shelley decided to empower herself with knowledge through the little energy she had and started to see major changes in her health.

Now a functional nutritionist, Shelley works with her clients to get to the underlying root causes of health symptoms. Today Shelley shares her inspirational story with us and provides a comprehensive look at the internal stresses that could be playing a major role in your health journey without you even realizing it.

While we often analyze our external stresses like your job or relationship, it is the internal stresses going on inside your body that could be making the major impact. Learn exactly what is going on inside your body when it comes to digestion, and how to take your collection of symptoms from confusing to healing through nutrition.

Shelley is here to help you gain a sense of what is going on inside your body so that you can find the foods that help you feel better. Hidden internal stressors can feel overwhelming, but with the knowledge Shelley shares today, you can support your body and target what needs to change.

Do you think that internal stressors could be the culprit of your symptoms? Share with us in the comments below!


 “The amount of internal stresses in our bodies that we don’t even think about, we could have so much control over them, that really empowers us to take back our health.” (6:46)

“While my external environment was peaceful and seemed relaxed and no stress going on, my internal environment, which I was with all day every day because its part of my body, that was what was really stressing out my system and overloading my whole body and what was stopping me from being able to get better.” (10:24)

“I was just keeping my body in a state of not being able to heal, innocently! I had no idea, I had no understanding, I didn’t realize, I thought that I was doing everything right.” (17:17)

“We all know that our brains talk to our stomachs and our guts. But what science has really worked on now is that our guts talk back to our brains.” (24:24)

“I’m big into not making more work for us women because generally, we have a long list of things that we need to get done, but how can we use the mindfulness techniques that we learn and bring them into everyday life as well?” (33:02)

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