Jasmine Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Sweet, warm, floral, fruity, intoxicating, rich, spicy: these are words I think of when I inhale the heady aroma of Jasmine. This “queen of oils” is feminine, sultry, and luxurious.

A prized oil that is frequently used in the high-quality perfume industry, Jasmine is one of the most expensive oils around. This is due to the lengthy extraction process and amount of flowers required to extract a significant amount of absolute.  It has been prized for centuries as a deeply feminine fragrance and natural aphrodisiac.

When applied on pulse points, Jasmine essential oil promotes feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence while boosting your mood for the duration.


Due to its delicate extraction process, Jasmine is not actually an essential oil– it is an absolute. Instead of being steam-distilled or cold-pressed like most essential oils, these delicate flower petals require extreme TLC. This specialized process involves the use of a solvent. First, the petals are mashed and combined with a solvent. Then, alcohol is added to the mixture to separate the wax and paraffin from the volatile aromatic compounds for optimum potency, and later the alcohol is removed. The result is an absolute that usually contains slight traces of the solvent.

doTERRA’s Jasmine Touch combines fractionated coconut oil with Jasmine Absolute essential oil for an easier and more affordable way to apply this precious aroma.


Royal Jasmine, or Jasminum grandiflorum, is extracted from a dainty white flower grown in Egypt, though also native to other Northern African and South Asian countries.  Roughly one ton of Jasmine flowers must be harvested in order to produce 3 pounds of Jasmine absolute, which is the equivalent of 6,000,000 flowers.  In addition, the blossoms must be hand-plucked during the early morning hours before sunrise to produce the highest-quality aromatic compounds. As a result of this arduous process, Jasmine is so expensive that many companies sell it pre-diluted in order to make it more affordable. A little bit goes a long way.


Historically, Jasmine essential oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to alleviate stress and depression. Its aroma is both uplifting and calming, making it a great addition to blends with earthy, grounding oils as well as bright citruses. It is a perfect oil to carry with you on the go for an instant mood boost amidst your busy day. It is effective for empowering most anyone, so don’t hesitate to use it when in the company of others who need a mood pick-up as well.

Wearing it as a personal fragrance on your temples during a workout will create your own body-diffuser effect. The sweatier you get, the more the fragrance will enhance your drive and empower you to get that workout done like the superwoman that you are.

And if you want to be IN the mood, Jasmine oil has known as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Use it to boost your libido by wearing it as a personal perfume, deeply breathing in the intoxicating aroma to ignite that spark within.


Jasmine’s ability to support delicate skin, especially on your face, makes it a prized addition to any skincare routine. Use it in the morning and night before applying your natural moisturizer for extra care. It is especially helpful for calming skin irritations and is a favorite among teens dealing with facial acne. It can also be layered with other skin-supporting essential oils like Lavender or Frankincense for healthy, radiant skin.


By itself, Jasmine makes a beautiful, feminine perfume, its scent made popular in Chanel No. 5 and other popular perfumes in the industry.  Its lovely floral aroma easily blends with Rose and other citrus oils, and has amazing long-lasting power – for up to 36 hours! Try making your own fragrance in a roller bottle or creating a solid perfume that you can rub on your pulse points. It also blends well with Bergamot, Cedarwood, Rosemary, and Rose Absolute.


Hormonal fluctuations can cause us to feel depressed, cranky, stressed, unmotivated, and uncomfortable. Jasmine can offer great support, in addition to your other oils. If you’re looking to lift your mood, ease menstrual cramping, soothe your skin, or find your libido again, Jasmine essential oil may be able to help. Try adding a drop to your hormonal support blend and rubbing on your pulse points when you need to calm your chaos, or rub onto your abdomen during that time of the month when you’re secretly wishing for menopausal woes to abate.

What’s a great way to unwind, destress, and pamper yourself when you’re just not feeling your best?  Spend a little time in a warm, aromatic bath!

Soothing Bath Blend

1 drop of Jasmine essential oil
1 drop of Sandalwood essential oil
1 drop of Wild Orange essential oil

Mix essential oils into a tablespoon of your choice of bubble bath, shower gel, or castile soap and pour into a warm bath and soak. Or add ¼ cup of Epsom salts to the water with your bath blend and enjoy the calming and relaxing benefits of magnesium to soothe your aches and pains as well as your mind.

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