Lavender Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Talk about an all-purpose oil! Lavender essential oil is a must-have for every day, from soothing your skin to regulating your hormones, not to mention its amazing calming and de-stressing benefits. It really packs a punch for many of your body’s systems, which is why I include it in so many of my rollerball and diffuser blends. If you scan through my blend recipes, more often than not, Lavender will be a key ingredient — particularly in those meant to help you keep your cool and calm your stress. 


Harvested in Eastern Bulgaria and steam-distilled from the flowers of the Lavendula angustifolia plant, Lavender essential oil is one you really don’t want to ever be without. From ancient Egyptian and Roman times to the present, people have been enjoying the relaxing, soothing benefits of Lavender. Ready for a good night’s sleep? Or how about some de-stressing and hormone regulation? Lavender essential oil will take your self-care to the next level by helping you keep your cool and be at your best!


Lavender essential oil is soothing and calming to your skin. With anti-aging and blemish-reducing properties, it is one that you want to keep on hand. Gentle enough to use even on the most sensitive areas, it is a great one to apply to burns, blemishes, dry skin, razor bumps, cuts, and sunburns for instant relief. I love mixing a couple drops with some coconut oil and lathering up to keep my skin moist and refreshed!


Inflammation is the key to so many of the diseases and symptoms we are facing these days — gut issues, thyroid disorders, autoimmunity, brain fog, and more. Inflammation is driving your body into stress mode and making you feel worse. Lavender essential oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can give your body the boost it needs to find relief, reduce the stress on your cells, and help with the health of your systems. 

Add a drop of Lavender essential oil to your daily smoothies, water infusions, or other recipes can help you get these benefits and enjoy a light, refreshing, floral flavor. And before you reach for that bottle of over-the-counter pain relievers, try applying some Lavender to the problem area. Studies find it has a soothing, pain-relieving ability for headaches, stiffness, and general discomforts.


For those days where it’s hard to hold it together, Lavender essential oil is one you want to have nearby! Linalool, one of Lavender’s main constituents, will soothe your mind and body, promote overall feelings of calm, and melt away your tension and anxiety. When your mind is calm, you are able to focus. You also have better control over your mood, and it cut down on emotional responses like overindulging in food. 

Having a rollerball bottle of my Stress Relief Blend on hand or diffusing a blend of Lavender, Wild Orange, and Frankincense are great options to help you keep your cool. At the end of a long day, add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to your Epsom salts bath and feel the tension of the day melt away.

Stress Relief Rollerball Blend

12 drops Lavender essential oil
9 drops Wild Orange essential oil
9 drops Frankincense essential oil

Add oils to 10ml rollerball bottle. Top off with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to wrists, temples, and pulse points to help keep away stressful feelings. For an immediate calming effect, apply to palms, cup hands over your nose and mouth, and inhale deeply.


Whatever stage of life you’re in, supporting your body’s hormone levels is an essential part of keeping you healthy. When you are stressed, the cortisol released by your adrenal glands can throw your body into chaos by deregulating your HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis. Constant elevated cortisol keeps your body in survival mode, throwing off the balance of other hormones like thyroid, insulin, estrogen, and progesterone. This is the precursor to so many of the problems we are facing — autoimmunity, gut problems, hyper- or hypothyroidism, brain fog, and so much more. 

Lavender essential oil can lower your cortisol levels and help return your body to homeostasis. Here is one of my favorite essential oil blends that synergistically combines Lavender with some other power-packed oils for hormone health. I use it daily to help me feel my best!

Superwoman Rollerball Blend

12 drops Clary Sage essential oil
10 drops Lavender essential oil
5 drops Cedarwood essential oil
5 drops Geranium essential oil
4 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil

Add oils to a 10 ml glass rollerball bottle. Top off with fractionated coconut oil, replace cap and top, and swirl to combine. Apply daily to wrists, ankles, and behind your ears. This is also a great oil to apply to your palms and inhale to help you feel like the powerful woman you are.


It’s time to own your health and your cycle and not let it own you. Essential oils are so powerful in helping manage the symptoms of your period and keep you feeling calm, cool, and collected. By reducing inflammation and helping you keep your calm, Lavender essential oil is a lifesaver for PMS and period symptoms. Massaging it onto your lower abdomen can help ease away cramping and discomfort. 

In addition, it can reduce the feelings of depression and moodiness associated with PMS when inhaled or taken internally. Your cycle doesn’t have to govern you and your well-being. Here are some more great essential oil recommendations to help you navigate your menstrual cycle with ease and grace to keep you feeling your best! 


Do you ever have trouble winding down at night? Does your mind seem to keep spinning, no matter what you do? Lavender essential oil can help slow down your central nervous system, assist in your body’s ability to release serotonin, and calm your mind and body to support healthy sleep patterns. 

Not only that, it can help balance your sleep cycle, which makes it easier to wind down in preparation for sleep and get the restful sleep you need to wake up more energized and refreshed. There is nothing more frustrating than waking up tired, so adding Lavender to your nighttime routine is a huge help! 

Put a few drops of the blend above in a spray bottle with water and spritz your pillow and sheets before you go to bed. Or you can diffuse it, apply it to your feet, or add a drop to your last cup of water or decaffeinated tea to help yourself wind down.

This is only scratching the surface of the ways Lavender essential oil can benefit your body. For more applications and recipes, check out my best-selling book The Essential Oils Hormone Solution. Another great way to find some of my go-to recipes is by following me on Instagram @drmariza!

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