Wild Orange Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

I am so excited to share about one of my all-time favorite oils with you today. This oil is special to me because it was the first one that I was introduced to.

That’s right…it all comes back to Wild Orange for me!

I am still just as in love with this oil today as I was all those years ago when I smelled it for the first time. With its refreshing, calming aroma and powerful effects on your health, Wild Orange essential oil is one you definitely want to have around!


Like all the other citrus oils, Wild Orange, or Citrus sinensis, is cold-pressed from the rind of citrus fruits. The Sweet Orange tree is native to Southeast Asia, and doTERRA harvests its fruits from Central American groves that are in the ideal climate for their growth. Also, like other citrus oils, Wild Orange’s main constituent is limonene, which is recognized for its powerful cleansing ability, both for your home and your body. But what makes Wild Orange unique – and what I love most about it! – is its powerful mood-boosting aroma. (1)

As with all citrus oils, if you apply Wild Orange topically, avoid UV exposure to that area for 12 hours because it can make you more sensitive to the sun, and be sure to dilute with children!


Whenever stress threatens, reach for the Wild Orange! Its uplifting aroma will energize and refresh you, as well as simultaneously reducing your feelings of stress and tension. (2) Scientifically, Wild Orange essential oil accomplishes this by increasing the feel-good brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine, while lowering your cortisol levels. (3) Simply inhaling the scent of Wild Orange can totally calm your mind and body and help you get your stressed mess under control!

Here is one of my favorite stress relief blends that features Wild Orange. Apply it to your neck, temples, wrists, ankles, or palms, and take some deep belly breaths to instantly soothe your stress! Another great way to use this blend of oils is in your diffuser — just cut back on the number of drops of each to make your home or office a stress-free zone.

Stress Relief Rollerball Blend

12 drops Frankincense essential oil
9 drops Wild Orange essential oil
Carrier oil of choice

Place all oils in a 10 ml glass rollerball bottle and fill the rest of the way with your favorite carrier oil. Replace the top and cap, and swirl to combine. Keep on hand to apply as needed.


The constituents of Wild Orange essential oil help purify and invigorate your body, making it a great oil to have on hand when your immune system needs a boost. (4) It also has powerful antioxidant qualities to prevent free radical damage and clear your cells of harmful waste products. (5) Go ahead and love your liver by adding Wild Orange to your daily self-care routines!

A great way to harness these benefits is to take Wild Orange internally. With its bright, citrusy flavor, it is one that is not hard to get down! I love just adding a drop or two to a glass of water. Some other great options would be to brighten up your green smoothies or water infusions with a drop of this delicious oil!


Taking Wild Orange essential oil internally daily does more than just give your immune system a boost. It can also help maintain your healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. (6) It impacts your body all the way to a cellular level to help amp up your metabolism, as well. (7) This can help with your hormone balance, losing that stubborn weight you just can’t shake, and even helping refresh damaged tissues in your body.

We put our bodies through so much stress that when I hear about an easy tool like drinking delicious Wild Orange essential oil, I am all over it. If your body needs some cleansing and refreshing or your mood needs a boost, look no further than Wild Orange essential oil!


Tired of nasty, synthetic smells that leave you gasping for air? Those products harbor toxins that build up in your system and cause so much damage. Purging your home of dangerous chemicals and replacing them with natural alternatives is such an important step in your healing journey.

Wild Orange essential oil does more than purify your mind and body. It also has powerful antimicrobial properties that make it a fantastic addition to your homemade cleaning products! (8) Wild Orange essential oil will give you a refreshing scent, powerful cleaning agents, and nothing dangerous. Sounds like a win-win to me!


I could go on and on about this oil. I just can’t get enough of it! It has become a cornerstone of my self-care rituals, and that’s why it is in so many of my blends that I use daily. Here are a few of my favorites and the rituals I use with them to get the most power!

Morning Bliss Shower Spray

10 drops Peppermint essential oil
5 drops Wild Orange essential oil
5 drops Cedarwood essential oil
Water or witch hazel (evaporates faster)

Add oils to 2-oz. glass spray bottle. Top off with water or witch hazel. Shake well before spraying. Use in the shower or when you wake up for an instant dose of joy, energy, and happiness!

Ease and Grace Rollerball Blend

8 drops Lavender essential oil
7 drops Wild Orange essential oil
6 drops Cedarwood essential oil
4 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil
Carrier oil of choice

Add oils to a 10 ml glass rollerball bottle and top off with a carrier oil of choice. Replace top and cap, and swirl to combine. To use, apply to pulse points, palms, heart, and temples to reduce mental chatter, anxiousness, racing thoughts, and tension in seconds. This blend is self-care in a bottle to me. Not only does it smell divine, it also packs a punch for your emotional health to help you face your day with ease and grace!

Energy Booster Diffuser Blend

3 drops Wild Orange essential oil
2 drops Douglas Fir essential oil
2 drops Peppermint essential oil

Diffuse for feelings of abundance, energy, and grounding. This is a great blend to diffuse in the morning as you get going. I love using something simple like this during my morning journaling ritual to help get my day started on the right foot!

Getting Started with Essential Oils? Let me help!

In addition to the resources you can find on my website, here is a guide to get you started with your essential oil journey!

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  1. Judi April 5, 2021 at 5:15 pm #

    I’m wondering about your Morning Bliss Shower Spray. It says to add 5 drops of Wild Orange then another 9 drops of Wild Orange. Is this correct? Thank U!

    • Dr. Mariza April 9, 2021 at 1:42 am #

      Hi Judi! Thanks for reaching out about this 🙂 We updated the recipe and sorry for the confusion! Thanks 🙂

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