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The biggest pain point for many people today is the lack of energy to get through the day without feeling exhausted and burned out.  Several years ago, my mom’s biggest obstacle was not having enough energy to get everything done during her long work days and nights.  She always felt like she was running on reserves and it showed.  Her body was taking a beating emotionally and physically.  She finally came to me at her breaking point, when her health was at its worse and we turned things around for her within a matter of months.

Many of my patients, like my mom, have to-do lists, heavy work loads and demands that stack up. And those items are tackled at the expense of our health.  Low energy and burnout slowly lead to issues effecting our weight, hormones, sleep and mood.  Messing with someone who is chronically exhausted is like walking into a lion’s den.

The truth is, many of us get that mid-afternoon slump around 2 or 3 p.m., and feel the need to grab a caffeine boost, or snack on sugar to regain our energy. We are “feeding” an unmet need, but quick fixes like sugar and caffeine are not going to solve the problem.  In truth sugar and caffeine can actually make the problem worse in the long run by draining our adrenals as we run on fumes.

Creating sustainable energy is really about self care and daily habits.  I am going to fill you in on 3 of the best habits you should adopt to get more energy! These habits are all from my Top 10 Energy Boosting Remedies Guide, where I share more habits to regain energy.

Daily green smoothies:

Green Smoothie

Drinking green smoothies every day, is one of the easiest and best habits you can have if you want to see an improvement in your energy levels. Drinking your green smoothie for breakfast is also a great way to start the day, it only takes a few minutes to prepare, and this is my best daily habit tip that will increase your nutritional intake by an entire 700%. I take my green smoothie on the go each morning, or sip on it as I start my morning.  Fueling your body in the morning is the best way to set yourself up for success.

Now if that is not convincing enough, a daily green smoothie can also increase your fiber intake, ramp up your fruit, and vegetable intake, and of course support your energy levels. I recommend adding some extra “smoothie super-boosters” like protein powder, fiber, and even vitamin C powder to add even more energizing nutrients and to keep you full longer. You can get my favorite smoothie super-boosters HERE.

Here’s a super simple, energy boosting green smoothie recipe that anyone can make at home. Just place all of the ingredients below in a high speed blender, and blend until smooth.

This is just one way to use dōTERRA essential oils in smoothie recipes. Play around with your favorite fruits and vegetables to create a delicious and energy boosting smoothie that fights off fatigue, and tastes amazing at the same time!


Eating whole foods is the best way to get critical nutrients in your diet. Hence why my first habit was green smoothies to start your day off right, not coffee. However, with today’s lifestyle and inconsistent food choices supplementation is very important to your cellular health.  Supplementation can support energy levels, especially if you are taking the right supplements that hold a high quality standard. Most adults are nutrient deficient from not eating enough of the right foods, or eating foods that have been stripped of their nutritional composition.

I recommend daily supplements (in addition to a multivitamin) to fill in some nutrient gaps, support optimal hormone levels, and address some of the root causes that could be draining your energy in the first place. But because not all supplements are created equal in safety and efficacy, you need to trust your source. I created the Essentially Whole® supplement line to be a go-to resource for women like you who don’t have time to spend hours researching, scouring the internet for a trusted yet affordable option.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a simple energy-boosting supplement protocol:

  • Women’s Daily Essentials BundleMagnesium and B vitamins are 2 critical nutrients that most women are deficient in, yet they are essential for energy conversion, digestion, hormone balance, and so much more. These are a fantastic foundation for your daily supplement regimen! Bundle them together and get 10% off today >>
  • Adrenal LoveSince so many of your body’s processes involving energy begin in your adrenals, they need some extra support. The unending stress of your life puts an extra burden on your adrenal glands which can leave you exhausted and burned out. This blend of nutrients is ideal for optimizing adrenal health so you feel healthier, less stressed, and more energized safely and naturally!
  • Vitamin D CompleteVitamin D is another key nutrient that your body burns through SO much faster when you’re stressed, dealing with a heightened immune system, or when your body’s hormone balance is suffering. Adding a vitamin D supplement formulated with K1 and K2 (like this one) is a simple way to up your energy and correct this deficiency effortlessly!

In addition to these key nutrients, if you struggle with sleep, thyroid, insulin resistance, metabolism, gut health, brain fog, PMS, perimenopause or menopause discomforts, or other symptoms, addressing these with supplements like I carry in the Essentially Whole® store will help you reclaim vibrant energy and health for good!

Take a Whiff of Citrus:

Lemon Essential Oil The last habit I recommend trying is taking a whiff of citrus. Now this may sound a little out of the ordinary, but citrus scents help with focus, and energy levels. In my energy guide, I mention applying 1 drop of dōTERRA Wild Orange essential oil to one palm, and dōTERRA peppermint essential oil to the other, rub your palms together and take 3 deep breaths. The citrus scent may help improve cognitive function, and help you to maintain energy levels. The power of scent is amazing, and has the ability to rejuvenate the senses, boost your memory, and energy throughout the entire day. Don’t underestimate something as simple as the scent of a high quality essential oil!

Achieving sustainable energy on a daily basis can be as simple as including these easy and healthy habits into your morning routine. Each of these 3 habits are easy to integrate into your daily routine as long as you can spare five minutes.  Forget the caffeine, and sugar during your mid-afternoon slump and try at least one of the 3 habits I mentioned above for at least 10 days.

Don’t just boost your energy, boost your health.

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