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#37: Five Ways to Rev Up Sex Drive with Essential Oils

If your idea of a hot Friday night is falling asleep in front of the TV, then we need to talk about your sex life. Today’s episode is all about using essential oils and easy lifestyle changes to rev up your sex drive and help you feel like your sexy self again. I’m so excited to share my top 5 tips to help fire up your desire and fix your hormone imbalance.

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#36: Reboot Your Gut And Regain Your Health with Dr. Vincent Pedre

You are in for a treat today, as I am joined by Dr. Vincent Pedre, my #1 go to gut health doctor in the world! Dr. Pedre created his Healthy Gut care program to help people create immediate health results by fixing their gut health. After suffering from digestive troubles as a child, Dr. Pedre broke free of standard medical treatment to help people understand the evolution of gut disease in our society, which really needs attention.

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Serenity Calming Blend

When you think of the word serenity, what do you picture?  How do you feel? Just typing the word makes me feel peaceful, calm, relaxed.  I picture a sandy beach and salty waves. I hear the sound of a gentle breeze. I smell something warm and slightly sweet.  

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