Rose Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Are you having a stressful day?  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are walking in a lush, beautiful garden.  Take a deep breath, inhaling the sweet and tantalizing aromas of the glorious flowers surrounding you.  What do you smell? I think one of the first floral scents people often think of is rose, and for good reason.  They come in multiple varieties and colors, many of which have a very pleasing scent. And who doesn’t love roses?  They are a well-known symbol of love and affection. What if you could have access to their lovely scent without having to buy fresh roses all the time…

Rose Essential Oil, or Rosa damascena, is a prized and precious oil that has been used for centuries.  This sweet and floral oil is often used in personal fragrances and perfumes as it has a very feminine and sensual appeal.  In addition, it has also been used for medicinal purposes. Rose essential oil comes from Bulgaria, where it is a product of the steam-distillation of rose petals, a process that is quite labor-intensive.   Did you know that it takes 4,000 kg of rose petals to make 1 kg of rose essential oil? That’s a lot of roses!

A Skin Helper

Rose essential oil is known for helping the skin to maintain its moisture and is perfect for use on dry or sensitive skin.  Rose helps to soothe irritated skin, helps maintain an even skin tone, and helps minimize the appearance of skin imperfections.  If you struggle with dry, irritated skin, especially in the winter, try adding a drop or two to your moisturizer or body lotion to help soothe your skin and improve your skin’s moisture.

Moisturizer for Dry, Cracked Skin


6 drops Rose Essential Oil
4 drops neroli essential oil
2 oz unscented lotion or cream

Combine the four essential oils in a 10mL bottle and fill the rest of the way with jojoba. Rub this blend on areas where you feel tight or sore.

An Emotion Uplifter

If you’re feeling anxious or depressed, Rose EO is your gal!  She’s great for an emotional pick-me-up, soothing to the anxious heart, and relaxing when you feel tense.  Every woman needs a best friend like Rose. She blends well with many other oils, but blending her with other soothing and uplifting oils like sandalwood, jasmine, patchouli, bergamot, Roman chamomile, lemon, neroli, petitgrain, vetiver, and ylang-ylang can enhance her emotionally therapeutic qualities to help you achieve a sense of balance and serenity.  Some studies have shown that Rose essential oil may be helpful in alleviating sad feelings. Another study showed that inhaling the scent of rose essential oil had a significant lowering effect on adrenaline levels.

A Hormone Supporter

Where can you turn when you’re feeling the physical effects of shifting hormones?  Rose is a great choice when you’re suffering from heart racing,occasional sleeplessness, mood swings, or night sweats.  Citronellol, one of Rose essential oil’s main chemical constituents, has muscle relaxing properties that may help alleviate menstrual discomfort.  A spritz made with Rose essential oil can help to cool you during those pesky hot flashes.

Menstrual Relief


6 drops Roman Chamomile
3 drops Lavender
3 drops Bergamot
3 drops Ylang Ylang
1 drop Rose
1 oz unscented lotion or carrier oil

Combine oils into a lotion or carrier oil and store in a glass jar.  Rub on the abdomen to ease menstrual cramps. 


Rose essential oil is one of the more expensive oils due to its labor-intensive production.  A 5 or 10ml bottle of the pure oil can be very pricey, but DoTERRA has a great, more affordable option.  They have pre-diluted Rose essential oil that comes conveniently packaged in a 10ml roller bottle as part of their DoTERRA Touch line.  So when you want to enhance your skincare routine or you need an emotional pick-me-up your Rose oil is already diluted and ready to use.

From skincare to emotional well-being, Rose essential oil has a great list of benefits and is a great tool to have in your arsenal.  

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