#30: Heal Your Hunger: How to End Emotional Eating Now with Tricia Nelson


What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Understanding the connections between your emotions and your food cravings
  • How to identify signs of emotional eating
  • Using the PEP Test to identify 3 primary emotions linked to overeating
  • The difference between emotional hunger vs physical hunger
  • Tricia’s tips on how to end your emotional eating for good


Episode Summary:

Today, my friend Tricia Nelson and I are tackling the huge topic of emotional overeating and how to heal your hunger. After struggling with her own food addiction, and losing over 50 pounds, Tricia has dedicated herself to help those who are struggling with their weight, and today she’s going to share her wisdom with us.  

I get email requests to cover this topic all the time, and Tricia is the perfect person to help walk us through it. She is the founder of Heal Your Hunger, is an internationally acclaimed author, motivational speaker, and emotional eating expert, and has helped hundreds of clients overcome various food-related addictions.

As Tricia explains, getting control over your weight and what you are eating can be an incredibly powerful thing, but your freedom is contingent on how you live your life. She is an advocate for living life one day at a time and treating the person behind the disease, not just the symptom. It’s time to stop feeding your exhaustion, and start asking yourself what you’re doing to serve yourself as you work to regain your health.

Tricia gives us a breakdown of the primary emotions and triggers that prompt eating binges, how to structure your meals to help you overcome your overeating and how being a people pleaser may be sending you into an emotional eating spiral. If you have been looking for a reason to take that first step and change your life for the better, listen in as we discuss ways in which you can end your emotional eating for good.

Have you struggled with emotional eating? What are some of your triggers? If you’ve overcome it, what helped you make the transformation? Let me know in the comments below!



“I tried many things, I tried diets and pills and potions and lotions and exercise programs and therapy and twelve-step programs and self-help books, you name it I tried it. But nothing I did worked until I finally came to see and was shown that my problem really is so much deeper than food” (3:04)

“We’ve all got something that drives us to be better, and mine happens to have been being an emotional eater, and it has completely driven me to be better. And to do the things like to meditate, to pray, to do all the things I do on a daily basis, I do them really because the things I do help me not have to overeat one day at a time.” (5:39)

“I think our nature is to like food and have an emotional attachment to food, I think God probably fashioned us that way so that we would subsist. But I think that people take it farther than others… it’s really just a spectrum.” (13:13)

“The problem is that we are stressed out and we are not connected to ourselves. We are operating from the neck up and we are all in our heads but we are not in our hearts, not in our bodies and were really disconnected from our true selves, and that causes so much of our problem. It’s really about getting back to being conscious if we were, and just really taking that journey from our head to our heart so that we can start to listen and start to really tune in to what’s going on inside.” (19:41)

“In my program, I really teach people a lot about communication. Because you know we stuff our words with food and we don’t speak up and we don’t say what we really feel and mean” (23:41)


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