Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils Book Release

What if there was a simple way to harness all-natural solutions in your everyday life and rid your family of harmful toxic chemicals?  What if you could boost your immunities and support the health and wellness of your family without breaking the bank on tons of products to stock your medicine cabinet?  What if reaching over to your bookshelf enabled you to discover a wealth of recipes and detailed explanations on how to implement and build lifetime wellness habits?  What if you could get all of this information plus over $100 of bonus materials in the next month, including personal support on your journey?

Dr. Mariza Snyder and The Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils Throw your “what ifs” out the window, ladies, because it is now a reality!

I am pleased to introduce my latest book – The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils!

Traveling across the country educating about essential oils, I realized that there were thousands of Smart Moms who had the desire to begin this journey with their families but didn’t have a simple way to grasp the know-how.  Since my own personal health crisis was what started my passion for essential oils, I began to realize that we have a real health crisis in our world today.  Smart Moms constantly seek simple solutions that will work for their families, but it is rare to find something that you can implement immediately with instantaneous results.  Either there is too much background work to gain a foundation of knowledge or, for many moms, the cost is just too great – whether it be time and energy devoted to something besides their family or simply the money involved to even begin.

Essential oils can be the simple solution that you have been seeking, Smart Mama!  I invite you to join this journey with me to not only learn about the basics, but also bridge the gap between proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes and essential oils to support your overall wellness and vitality.  Physically, mentally, and emotionally, essential oils can transform your healthcare routine and empower you as a Smart Mom to regain control over the toxic chemicals found in over-the-counter remedies, cleaning products, and personal care items.  You may not even realize the effect these toxins are having on your children or that they are even exhibiting symptoms, but as you explore the Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils, you will be amazed at the powerful solutions that can be immediately utilized in your home!

I understand the daunting task of trying to incorporate essential oils safely and effectively into your lifestyle, and know that beginning anything new can be overwhelming.  The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils will ease you into the learning curve and be a resource for all of your essential oil needs.  From learning about the necessity of high-quality essential oils and the science behind them to flipping to quick solution for an everyday emergency, this book has you covered on all levels.  You can spend time indulging in the history and research behind the scenes of the essential oil world, or you can flip to the 25 Must-Have Essential Oils for individual solutions that every family can easily use.  This guide is my gift to the Smart Moms in this world – the research and the recipes are right at your fingertips!

Smart Moms always want to know exactly what they are getting before they buy, so let’s get into it!

The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils contains:

  • non-toxic, easy-to-use, natural solutions to implement immediately with
  • recipes for everyday emergencies, green cleaning, personal and beauty care products, and aromatherapy for mood, focus, and purification
  • self-care wellness rituals for every member of your family
  • specific solutions for supporting your hormonal health as a mom and a woman
  • a wealth of background information on the basics and the specifics of essential oils
  • in-depth, detailed explanations of how to apply, diffuse, and utilize essential oils in your home
  • a list of 25 Must-Have Essential Oils with specific information and usage guides
  • much more!

And if that isn’t enough, when you order the book now, you can snag over $100 of BONUS MATERIALS as a special gift from me to you!

Your 15 BONUSES will include:

  • CHEAT SHEETS & PDF GUIDES for getting started, making over your bathroom cabinet and purse, and an amaaaaaazing list of 50 Everyday Essential Oil Uses!
  • HOW-TO VIDEOS detailing usage guidelines, elevating your mood naturally, and recipes for sleep, instant energy, and hormonal synergy
  • INTERVIEWS with four top essential oil experts (including one with yours truly!)
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP – The Smart Mom’s Essential Oil Transformation
  • COUPONS for getting started at and

I know you are probably thinking, ‘Girl, how do I snag this deal right now?’  It’s super easy, just like the solutions in The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils.  All you have to do is two simple steps:

STEP ONE – ORDER The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils from your favorite retailer

STEP TWO – COPY your receipt number and enter it at

It’s that simple!  I promise!  And you can do it right now by clicking on the button below:


One last thing – Mama, YOU are the boss of your healthcare!  Not doctors, not school systems, not nurses, not even insurance companies.  You hold the key to your family’s health and wellness.  You can create individualized solutions for each member of your family to support their emotional, mental, and physical well-being.  Our bodies are primed and ready for healing miracles if we only give them the chance to work their magic with the help of high-quality essential oils and self-care routines.

Whether you are ready for a big chance or want to begin to transform your life one baby step at a time, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils can hold your hand through the entire experience.  And I will be here to help you along the way!  Welcome to your new beginning, Smart Mom!  I can’t wait to join you on the path!

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