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#62: How To Extend Longevity As We Age + Debunking Myths about Protein with Gabrielle Lyon

So often women are given misinformation about their bodies, especially when it comes to the importance of muscle and protein. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon saw this gap in knowledge and set out to help women everywhere extend their longevity as they age. Dr. Lyon works as a functional medicine physician specializing in muscle centric medicine, and she has helped her patients, including yours truly, optimize our body compositions and manage our metabolism to the fullest.

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#51: How to Have More Energy to Do The Things You Love, Feel Good and Age Gracefully with Dave Asprey

On this beautiful Christmas Day, it is fitting that I am joined by the lovely Dave Asprey. Dave’s resume needs almost no introduction. A fellow podcast host, 2 times New York Times best-selling author, founder of Bulletproof, and the ultimate bio-hacker ninja, Dave has figured out the key to increasing your energy and finding happiness.

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