#62: How To Extend Longevity As We Age + Debunking Myths about Protein with Gabrielle Lyon


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What we’re talking about is this episode!

  • Debunking the myths around proteins and strength training
  • Dietary flexibility and what it can mean for your metabolism
  • Why you should be tracking your skeletal muscle mass and fat mass to lose weight
  • How to bring up the quality of the protein you are consuming with amino acids
  • Nutrition and physical strategies to help you lose weight and keep it off

Episode Summary:

So often women are given misinformation about their bodies, especially when it comes to the importance of muscle and protein. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon saw this gap in knowledge and set out to help women everywhere extend their longevity as they age. Dr. Lyon works as a functional medicine physician specializing in muscle centric medicine, and she has helped her patients, including yours truly, optimize our body compositions and manage our metabolism to the fullest.

Now, Dr. Lyon is here to share the solution to working your muscles and increasing your metabolism flexibility. Learn all about why you should be lifting weights and resistance training at any age, which dietary proteins your metabolism is drawn towards, and how much of each food group you should be eating per day in order to lose that stubborn weight.

Did you know that the number of carbs and sugar you eat could be giving you fatty liver? Or that carbohydrates can be linked to Alzheimer’s disease? Dr. Lyon is here to lay out some truth and provide you with dietary and movement changes that you can make today. Any individual that wants to feel healthy needs to hear this information, and it is never too late to get your body to a better state of functioning.

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“Really what I felt people needed to focus on was the solution. The solution was and still is really maintaining the muscular skeleton system. Because muscle is the largest organ in the body.” (12:18)

“I think that its really about setting your expectations and not being limited by your mind” (22:30)

“All of these things are based on the building blocks of protein and you cannot swap out a carbohydrate or a fat, for that. It is essentially the building blocks” (37:02)

“It’s all about becoming 1% better every day, and really taking stock of the big picture” (42:33)

“I believe that everybody deserves the health of their dreams” (47:18)

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  1. Jen February 6, 2019 at 5:09 am #

    Great podcast! Ty for sharing your wisdom. What dietary recommendations do you have for vegans/vegetarians to get that 80-90 grams of protein & ward off the carbohydrates?

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