#51: How to Have More Energy to Do The Things You Love, Feel Good and Age Gracefully with Dave Asprey


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What we’re talking about is this episode!

  • How having more energy can allow us to live the life we want
  • The impact of the mitochondria on your cells, actions, and emotions
  • Using gratitude to rewire your brain and create happiness
  • What to do with your extra energy once you have harnessed it
  • The positives and negatives of ketogenic cycling

Episode Summary:

On this beautiful Christmas Day, it is fitting that I am joined by my dear friend, Dave Asprey. Dave’s resume needs almost no introduction. A fellow podcast host, 2 times New York Times best-selling author, founder of Bulletproof, and the ultimate bio-hacker ninja, Dave has figured out the key to increasing your energy and finding happiness.

Dave is committed to helping us get healthy through techniques many of us have never even heard of. Today Dave is explaining everything from the role mitochondria plays in our cells, to why you should be basing your diet around your great grandma, and how to feel fuller for longer with more energy.

We all want to improve our bodies, whether you want to get smarter, happier, or faster at whatever it is you do in life. Dave has discovered the secret to becoming more successful, happier and healthier, and he is sharing it all with us on this episode. If you are ready to accept gratitude as the doorway to forgiveness and start having more energy to do the things you love while aging gracefully, you are going to want to hear what Dave has to say.

Does Dave’s message of gratitude connect with your celebrations today? What makes the holidays so special for you and your family? Reach out and let me know in the comments below!



“I’ve lost 100 pounds, I got rid of the diseases of aging that hit me in my 20’s, and I am healthier and younger now at 46 than I was at 26 in every measure I can find” (9:53)

“These are people who learned how to be happy. They did not do successful things that made them happy, they learned how to be happy because happiness is a lubricant for doing the things that matter to you” (13:44)

“That extra exhaust that comes out of the system, it shows up as muffin top. It shows up as sore joints, etc. If you can make those mitochondria work better, magic things happen” (23:36)

“We don’t all agree on food, but we all agree that if you don’t eat what’s right for you, then you are probably doing it wrong” (29:36)

“Gratitude is the doorway to forgiveness. And forgiveness is not about telling someone you forgive them, forgiveness is when you stop carrying someone else’s baggage” (38:34)


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