Top 5 Essential Oils for Gut Health


The things we all want more of… energy, healthier bodies, longevity and vitality. However, energy and vitality can be hard to achieve in this world inundated by chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic ingredients. Today we must be constantly aware of what goes on around us, what touches us, and what goes into our body and gut. Our modern world is slowly wreaking havoc on our microbiome and our cells.

Of course, no one can entirely prevent the environmental threats from staying away from our bodies at all times. But part of taking control of your own health and wellness involves an awareness of the reactions that harmful substances can cause in our digestive system and overall bodies. Many of us may suffer digestive discomfort on a daily basis not realizing that there are often simple steps that we can take to reclaim our gut health and get back our energy.

One of the first proactive steps you can take to reclaim control of your digestive system involves attention to what you put in your mouth. Certain foods can greatly increase the intestinal flora that contribute to a healthy gut. Not all bacteria is bad for you; in fact, we need a certain amount of it in our intestines in order to properly balance its processes. Incorporating raw fruits and steamed vegetables, as well as raw dairy and healthy fats (think pure coconut and olive oils and fatty acids like Omega-3) can greatly benefit the work that your gut does around the clock to keep you regular. Fermented foods also contribute to the heathy bacteria, so don’t be so quick to turn your nose up at sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir, kimchi, and other fermented delicacies. Finally, we all need some probiotics in our lives, whether you choose to take a supplement or consume a ton of kefir.

Another step involves the use of high-quality essential oils to supplement your body’s needs and to help your body restore its functions. Below are a list of five amazing essential oils that can promote your body’s natural functions to balance out your gut health. From lessening symptoms of nausea to relaxing and soothing irritated bowels, these oils have proven time and time again to be nature’s way of fighting against digestive imbalance. Just remember that not every oil works for everyone, and you may have to try several of them in different application methods to see what works the best for your body.

peppermint PEPPERMINT

One of the most effective oils for easing the throes of nausea by a simple inhalation or application is Peppermint essential oil. For almost every gut issue, Peppermint is recommended for both reducing bloating and gas as well as occasional stomach upset or indigestion. It also has the added benefits of providing you with cool, kissable-fresh breath and promoting clear breathing while energizing your mind in the process. The menthol content of Peppermint helps to relax smooth muscle spasms in the colon which reduces occasional looseness of your digestive tract1. The relaxation also allows gas to pass through easier, reducing bothersome flatulence or occasional discomfort or bloating. Caution should be taken, however, if you suffer from heartburn or indigestion from reflux, as the menthol may relax the muscle between the stomach and esophagus, making it easier for reflux to happen2. Inhaling or diffusing Peppermint can quickly reduce nausea, while applying it topically around your belly button or on your stomach or chest near the area of discomfort can greatly relieve symptoms, and its natural cooling effect can be quite comforting. Also try dōTERRA’s Peppermint Beadlets for easy on-the-go relief and support.

doTERRA Ginger Oil Uses & BenefitsGINGER

Known to most kids as the go-to for stomach upset, Ginger essential oil can provide a more concentrated punch of digestive relief than the common ginger ale. Because this essential oil contains the natural sesquiterpenes that soothe our digestive system and muscles, it is able to have a noted impact on healthy digestion rather than the synthetic ginger flavor found in soft drinks and other ginger-labelled candies or products. Prized for centuries for its ability to reduce occasional nausea and support healthy digestive function, Ginger appears as a staple in a variety of cuisines around the world. Inhaling Ginger essential oil before or during a long car trip can help to reduce the effects of motion sickness, while pregnant women often use the scent of Ginger to combat morning sickness. Massaging Ginger essential oil diluted with a carrier oil into the abdomen can not only reduce occasional bloating and gas, but it can also provide a warming muscle-relaxing massage that will transform your post-workout regimen. Try also adding Ginger essential oil to your morning smoothie for its powerful antioxidant content in addition to its support for your digestive system.


As a member of the Ginger family, Cardamom benefits the digestive system in a similar way by providing relief from occasional stomach discomfort by slowing down muscle contractions in the intestines. When taken internally or applied topically, it can help to combat tension in the bowels and eases looseness that can be terribly bothersome. Due to its composition of monoterpenoid esters, Cardamom enables a calming and soothing response when used, much like its other ester members Lavender and Roman Chamomile. It also has the added benefit of another constituent – eucalyptol – which aids in supporting healthy respiratory function. Even the aroma of Cardamom can relax your body and mind, allowing your focus to shift from discomfort to mental clarity. Cardamom is also preferred to Peppermint when using essential oils with children due to its mild nature and lack of menthol. Blending well with Ginger, Clove, and Fennel, Cardamom is a must-have in your digestive arsenal.


Clove provides a variety of benefits to our overall health and wellness, and has been used for centuries for its calming and soothing properties. Many of us have discovered the effect that stress can have on our digestive tract, in addition to its effect on other bodily systems. Scientists have noted that, due to its primary constituent eugenol, Clove essential oil is remarkably able to help our bodies regulate normal function during times of stress.3 In addition, Clove provides powerful immune-supporting properties and high levels of antioxidants perfect for supporting your overall wellness, as well as being particularly supportive for cardiovascular health when taken as a daily supplement. Do note that Clove has a natural warming and numbing effect, so topical application should always be at least 50% diluted with carrier oil when used by adults. It does create a unique massage experience, so be sure to try an abdominal massage to support your digestive health.


Most noted for its strong black-licorice smell, Fennel has been used and consumed over the years for everything from promoting vitality in battle to combatting the effects of snakebites. It is a great tool to have on hand when overeating or you have little ones that have belly discomfort. A quick application of Fennel circled around the belly button can help to soothe and ease digestive stress. It can also reduce the effects of bloating and boost your metabolism in the process. Whether taken internally as a digestive supplement or used as an abdominal massage, Fennel may reduce stress and promote healthy digestive function at the same time as well as supporting healthy liver function and circulation. Though we don’t normally associate Fennel with a sweetness, one of its constituents, the monoterpene Trans anethole, is thirteen times stronger than sugar and can help you to combat your cravings that may lead to digestive distress. Adding a drop of Fennel to water or to a green smoothie can have a number of benefits for your health and wellness overall.


In addition to the single oils listed above, dōTERRA offers a popular blend containing these and other oils that can greatly benefit your gut health. One of my favorites is DigestZen Digestive Blend, our “tummy tamer,” which aids in the digestion of food and combats motion sickness as well as supporting digestive health and alleviating occasional upset while reducing gas and bloating. It contains a blend of Ginger, Fennel, Coriander, Peppermint, Tarragon, Caraway, and Anise, all of which are prized for their ability to support healthy gastrointestinal function. Not only does it come in a typical essential oil blend, but dōTERRA also offers it as an easy-to-use softgel as well as a pre-diluted rollerball bottle perfect for families with kids.

dōTERRA is also invested in producing an entire line of products to support your overall digestive health, especially when it may be causing residual effects in the body. If you are looking for a Gut Detox and Cleanse, take a look at doTERRA’s GX Assist and PB Assist combo designed to cleanse and restore your gut health. They recently launched PB Assist Jr. in an ultra-cool sugar-stick-like design that kids will gobble up. In addition, they also offer DigestZen Terrazyme Digestive Enzyme Complex that can help your body in the digestion of food and the metabolization of nutrients to energy. It includes the tummy tamer blend of Peppermint, Caraway Seed, and Ginger, as well as a carefully selected blend of proprietary whole-food enzymes.

If you know you are ready to get started with dōTERRA essential oils, you can sign up with me immediately here.

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